Work Your Abs on Your Stand-Up Paddle Board

If stand-up paddle boarding allows you to wander around and discover the marine environment, it is also a great tool to regain.

abs stand up paddle

If stand-up paddle boarding allows you to wander around and discover the marine environment, it is also a great tool to regain shape, burn calories, streamline your figure and carve some abs! But before you can show your six pack in a swimsuit next summer, heed Itiwit’s special "core" exercises. Go, go, go!   

#1 The proper posture to work your abs on your SUP

For your training to be effective, your posture on your SUP board needs to be perfect: feet on the axis of the board, with your body positioned well in the middle, and your body weight distributed in such a way that you have good balance to focus on the movement of the paddle. Your torso must remain straight, knees slightly bent. 

For a good abdominal workout, the ideal is to keep your arms straight—it's the torso that pivots. The movement of the paddle needs to be long (dig in far ahead) and regular (same intensity from one movement to the next) so that the exercise pays off.  

Time yourself on a familiar route to improve your time! Once you are comfortable on your SUP board, move on to a racing board to improve your performance and thrills. ~ 

posture stand up paddle

#2 The right intensity to redefine your abs in stand-up paddling

The main difficulty in achieving prominent abs is losing the layer of fat that covers them. In order to tap into that fat, nothing beats endurance training for several hours on the water.

Problem: you do not necessarily have time to paddle for hours during the week ... Hence the interested party to practice a so-called "interval" training, during the test you alternate phases of high-intensity effort and periods calmer at a rate of recovery.

For example: set yourself a landmark (a buoy, a beacon, a boat at anchor) and reach it by paddling as fast as possible, before returning to the beach at a more leisurely pace.

Do sets of 10 back and forth to strengthen your abs: you will quickly finish the session and can multiply your workouts!

abs stand up paddle

#3 Strength-training exercises: more effective even on a SUP board!</

Once you achieve a confident level of balance on your board, you can do specific strength-training exercises on it, at the end of your SUP session.

Start with a series of core strengthening, then move on to press-ups and crunches.

The movements you need to perform to keep yourself balanced will work your abs and your stabilizing muscles—based on equal effort, you’ll burn more calories on the water than if you perform these exercises on the ground.

 #4 The advice of Justine, Fitness coach at the Domyos Club

Justine, Domyos Club fitness coach gives you her advice about sculpting your body on water