Olivia piana & Itiwit

Olivia piana & itiwit collaborate to develop new products

Olivia piana & itiwit collaborate to develop new products

With a common desire to make stand-up paddleboarding accessible to all, Olivia Piana, multiple world champion in several stand-up paddle disciplines, and Itiwit, Decathlon's stand-up paddle and kayak brand are working together in a creative collaboration united by a shared passion. Our main intention, as it has been since our creation, is to offer our users products that are both technical and accessible to all. To help us in this mission, we wanted to team up with a partner so that we could benefit from their skills and technical knowledge. Our collaboration with Olivia Piana stems from a shared desire to develop efficient and innovative products for stand-up paddleboarding. 

It was also born from our shared passions and values, such as simplicity, accessibility, love of water sports, as well as strong environmental convictions. With all this in common, entering into this partnership therefore seemed an obvious choice for Olivia and for us. And so we are launching this collaboration with Olivia Piana so that she can share with us her expertise, primarily to actively participate in the design of our paddles. Olivia will also help us by testing the products we have already developed. In addition, this will allow us to benefit from her network of advanced paddlers as well as her knowledge in the domain of stand-up paddleboarding. 

Through this partnership, we want to underline our desire to design products that not only perform well but that are accessible to all. We are counting on the invaluable help that Olivia can offer us.

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