Stand-up paddle: how to protect your belongings?

Itiwit explains how to protect your gear against the water: electronic equipment, camera, ... and how to choose your waterproof bag.

Fun and accessible aspects aside, the stand up paddle board remains a watercraft. As such, it is subject to maritime regulations. Itiwit helps you to take stock of the rules you need to know before going to sea, or out on another body of water!


#1 Protection for electronic equipment

To capture your trip or to use your GPS, you will be taking your smartphone with you on the water. To protect it but also to avoid dropping it in the water when handled, using a waterproof pouch is strongly advised. It will allow your smartphone to survive any splashes and even brief immersion.

And you can attach it to your buoyancy aid or around your neck using the cord and no longer risk losing it. Beautiful pictures and posts on your social networks at your fingertips!

stand up paddle dry bag itiwit

#2 Attaching your dry bag to your sup

On a stand up paddle, there are usually elastic straps on the front that you can slide a 5-to-60-liter dry bag under. Be careful, however, not to put anything too fragile in there as it could be damaged by the pressure of the elastics.

Touring boards sometimes have loops at the back to hold the straps of a large dry bag, allowing you to securely attach the bag, keep fragile belongings safe and be able to easily open the bag on the water.

waterproof bag

#3 Waterproof backpack to carry your belongings

If your board does not have straps, which is often the case for models over 3 years old, the solution available to you is the waterproof backpack that will protect your belongings from moisture, even when dropped in the water.

Take care not to overload it in order to spare your back.

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