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Sup: how to paddle faster

Have you already mastered the basics of paddling in stand-up paddleboarding and now have only one desire: to go faster.

Have you already mastered the basics of paddling in stand-up paddle boarding and now have only one desire: "to go faster, farther and without tiring yourself out"? Don’t look for SUP accessories: improvements in speed will come from your movements. Itiwit gives you 3 drills to paddle faster. Ready?    

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# Drill 1: save your sup movements to increase in efficiency

As in swimming, you can improve the efficiency of your SUP movements by reducing the number. It is not about multiplying small movements, which are not very effective.  

Instead, think about:     
- Hit the paddle stroke far in front of you.     
- Bring the paddle back to your feet by putting all your weight into the movement.     
- Wait until your board has advanced enough through the water to make the next stroke.

Your training: Count the number of paddle strokes you need to get to a given point of reference (e.g., a buoy). Time yourself, try again, and try to improve your time by reducing the number of paddle strokes each new time.

sup technique paddle

# Drill 2: gain power on your paddle stroke

Focus now on the middle of your paddle stroke, the key moment when you must give all the power to your rowing movement. At this moment, managing the weight of your body is crucial.  

To lean in far at the beginning of the movement, stand on the tip of your toes—even if losing balance a bit—before putting all your power into your stroke by pushing hard on the paddle in the middle of the movement.

Your training: try moving forward as far as possible with just one powerful paddle stroke!

sup improved paddling technique

# Drill 3: paddle straight to go faster in stand-up paddle boarding

You may have noticed it already: changing the paddle side when you want to go straight in SUP means a break of cadence... Fortunately, there are special techniques!

Change the axis of the paddle in SUP races : Though a little more difficult, this technique is indispensable high-level SUP, especially in races: make a paddle stroke to go straight, paddling on one side only. 

Your training: The moment you plant your paddle in the water, place the blade parallel to the axis of your board. Next, draw a first movement from the outside to the inside. Then restore the orientation of the blade to its conventional position, and finish your pulling towards your feet as you normally would.  

If you practice these drills at each of your sessions, you’ll see that you will no longer need to change your paddle side every 3 movements!~ 

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