long-distance SUP Races training

Getting ready for long-distance sup races

Addicted to stand up paddle racing? Try long distance SUP races!

A race beyond 10 km gives you a chance to see the country and push your limits in a discipline that requires endurance, concentration, technique... and, clearly, good preparation to tackle such an effort! Here are some Itiwit training tips for your next long-distance outing.

#1 Interval training to gain sup endurance

Long-distance races require a continuous and consistent effort over a long period of time. To make progress in endurance, it is best to do interval training, at least 6 weeks before the race.

How? By alternating periods of intense effort and periods of active recovery. This regimen will allow your body to make a more strenuous effort.   

Your interval training in stand-up paddling begins with a warm-up on shore, before a very gentle paddle.

When you feel your body is ready to take on a sustained effort, alternate phases of activity to 80% of your capacity with phases at 40% capacity. You can do interval series of 30 minutes doing 4 min of intense exercise and 6 min of a more gentle effort.

training long distance sup race

#2 The basics at the heart of a winter racing preparation

Does your long-distance event take place in a few months? Take advantage of this time to work on the basics: paddle long distances at an intermediate pace, to increase your endurance.

In the middle of winter, work your muscles too (in a warm space!). You can do press-ups and abdominal series so as not to lose muscle mass.

technique long distance SUP race

#3 The right technique to finish a long-distance sup race

Certainly, the physical aspect is critical for long-distance races, but the technical aspect is not to be neglected.

For the most part, these races are downwind SUP races at sea, or even down rivers; it is therefore just as important to work on your gliding technique to move forward effectively!

To do this, alternate physical training with stand-up paddle sessions in waves to work on balance and maneuvers. And don’t forget to give whitewater SUP descent a try to familiarize yourself with these very particular currents and water movements.

How about you? What are your tips to train for a long-distance race?

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