stand up paddle clothing

How to choose your stand-up paddle (sup) clothing

Find out how to dress for stand-up paddleboarding, depending on the weather when you take to the water.

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In the holiday season

For stand-up paddle boarding in the summer, you should wear neoprene clothes that keep you warm, even when wet, and protect you against friction against the board. They will prevent the “freezing” effect caused by the evaporation of water on the skin due to the wind.

You can combine a neoprene tank top and shorts, or opt for shortjohns (braces and shorts) or longjohns (braces and long legs). Neoprene clothes allow for freedom of arm movement that makes it easier to handle your paddle.

If you cast off from rocks, remember to wear neoprene wetsuit slippers to protect your feet.

stand up paddle clothing

Spring and autumn

In mid-season, it is impossible to go touring on a stand-up paddle board in a boardshort. You need some basic equipment in case if you fall in the water. You can be easily exposed to the cold, wind and rain.

You need to adapt your clothing to the way yougo stand-up paddle boarding. For SUP surfing, you need a neoprene surfing wetsuit, because you will frequently fall into the water. For SUP touring, opt for neoprene longjohns that will keep you warm even when wet, plus a light jacket to protect yourself against the wind and splashing water.

If you go SUP racing on calm waters, wear your running gear, to evacuate your perspiration when paddling hard

I also wear neoprene slippers that are resistant to abrasion and keep me warm.

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