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Protected areas: 10 commandments

Nothing better than a kayaking or canoeing excursion to discover the natural charms of protected areas. But you owe it to yourself to obey the regulations.

Nothing beats kayak touring to discover the natural wonders of protected areas. But, just as you paddle in awe of such majesty, make sure you stay focused on your every move, because each protected area has its own regulations in terms of fauna, flora, landing, diving and fishing.  

Itiwit helps you out with these 10 rules, anchored in common sense!

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#1 You shall throw no waste from your kayak

Waste can harm the life of animal and plant species. Make it a point of honor to bring back with you all your rubbish (snack wrappers, plastic, etc.). Smokers, take a pocket ashtray with you and slip it into a waterproof container: butts are extremely polluting and can be swallowed by birds...

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#2 You shall pick up all floating plastic bags

Take care of your leisure world and “fish” out any plastic bags you find along the coast or drifting in the water. This type of waste contributes to polluting build-up in the water (PCBs, phenols, pesticides, etc.) and are sometimes eaten by marine animals that mistake them for food. Your day’s good deed!  ~ 

#3 You shall paddle discreetly near wildlife

Paddle at a distance from shores and at low speed so as not to frighten wildlife, especially protected species, such as certain mammals (cetaceans, seals), turtles and seabirds. Never disturb them or cut across their path.

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#4 You shall not land in protected areas

…Or the bare minimum if you will. The idea here is to protect the habitats of fragile species. And ideally, avoid wet exiting!

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#5 You shall not feed the fish

And plants, you must not pull either! This is basic, but it's always worth remembering it. 

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#6 You shall protect the seabeds

As a general rule, landings are banned in protected areas. However, in a kayak this will depend on each area, but at any rate avoid places where animals go for food or cover... Try also not to swim outside of designated areas so as not to trample on the seabed.  ~ 

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#7 If you go diving with your kayak, nothing shall you bring back up

You like to combine diving and kayaking? Just make sure not to remove anything from the seabed nor damage it with your hands. ~ 

#8 You shall always paddle while being well informed

Systematically investigate the protected area regulations. Your resource site? The Office of Maritime Services.

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#9 You shall observe all fishing rules

Obey fishing bans on protected species. Nature will reward you!

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#10 You shall practice sustainable fishing while kayaking

Respect the minimum catch sizes and materials allowed in order to preserve the natural renewal of the species. 

Same thing for shells and shellfish: observing size regulations helps protect these vital and fragile resources that are essential to the marine ecosystem!~ 

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