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Where to kayak depending on my level ?

Itiwit offers you key tips to figure out the choice that suits your level.

Whitewater, calm waters, lakes, rivers, sea... Perhaps you have many choices when it comes to taking your kayak out. However, always keep in mind one criterion: the level of difficulty of each option. Itiwit offers you key tips to figure out the choice that suits your level.    

beginner kayak spot france

#1 Spots for beginner kayakers in france

If you are new to the world of kayaking, or if you’re looking to spend a day that leans more on the side of relaxation than performance, then find yourself an accessible spot with calm waters.

A number of rivers are particularly tranquil, making them perfect for taking your first paddle strokes. In the Paris region, the Loing River is ideal for a first outing to practice maneuvers and taking small challenges.  

The same goes for the Loire Sauvage between Gien and Nevers, for example, or on the side of Saumur. Currents are always modest here, but you can cover longer stretches.

If what you’re looking for is to do your first miles, sea kayaking is a great option. Look for calm sea waters and make sure you don't go too far from the coast at first. Spots offering spectacular landscapes are not lacking in France: the coast of Brittany, the Corsican coast, the rocky inlets of Cassis...

experienced kayak france

#2 Berries and gorges for experienced kayakers in france

You’re ready to move to the next level? Head to the Gorges du Verdon, a classic of classics! This is without a doubt France's most spectacular kayaking spot, between limestone cliffs and turquoise waters.

Once there, you find the waters a bit too rough? Then go for a gentle start on the beautiful lakes of Castillon and St. Croix...

The Bay of Somme is also worth a visit: paddling between salt water and fresh water, crisscrossing among the islands. This is also a paradise for kayakers who love wildlife as there are plenty of birds and seals to watch. However, take a windproof jacket with you in case of bad weather!

Fans of sea kayaking, treat yourself to a real ride on the water in the Bay of Brest, for example. The perfect place to learn to paddle to the rhythm of the tides and the weather. On your nautical chart: the ship graveyard at Landévennec, the Fort of Bertheaume, Spaniards Point... and of course, oysters from the Port of Keraliou!

kayak france spain

#3 Expert paddling in the currents of france and spain

Not your first attempt at kayaking, right? Head for the Gulf of Morbihan! Paddle around its islands and challenge yourself with the strong currents that make this place such a draw. Then, once fatigue sets in, go ashore the beautiful Peninsula of Rhuys...

In fact, why don't you treat yourself to a kayak trip? Spain also offers many excellent kayaking spots, including the Pyrenees rapids of the Noguera Pallaresa. A life jacket and guaranteed thrills!

Seeing as you are already in Spain, why not participate in the International Descent of the Sella River? A party full of music and colour and the meeting place of the canoe-kayaking world. Every first Saturday of August, paddlers from around the world meet in Asturias to cover the 20-km course between Arriondas and Ribadesella... before celebrating the paddling with a good country meal!

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