The benefits of canoe-kayak

Canoe-kayak is good for both body and mind. It's a real symbiosis between enjoyment and getting fit, and all this taking place in a natural setting [...]

Toning your muscles

Keeping in shape whilst getting enjoyment out of it

Most of the strain is put on the upper body. As a matter of fact, paddling pull stroke and torso rotation strengthens arms, shoulders, back and pecs.

The abs and obliques are also greatly used, especially in the right paddling position, in other words with the torso slightly bent forward... 

If paddling puts the lower parts of the body under less strain, they are nevertheless active when paddling, in particular, with leg work during strokes and feet to keep balance in the kayak and manoeuvring with thighs against the sides of the hull.~ 


Discover a new environment

With everything being different on the water

As you paddle along, discover, with the current, plenty of landscapes that are very often inaccessible by land..  

You'll readily have access to nature's tranquillity, immersed in the dulcet sound of water, as you are amazed by a new perspective of seeing how beautiful land looks when seen from the water.

You'll quickly feel the benefits and will very quickly schedule the next outings to get your fill of enjoyment.


Have fun with family

The easy to share water sport

The approach to this activity is very simple and accessible. There are 1, 2 or 3 person kayaks.

So several of us can plan to navigate together and share the joys of being on the water.

Leaving plenty to the imagination: let yourself drift, paddle to win a racing challenge, use the craft as a diving board, touring, get access to a secret island, go and discover fauna and flora, observing,….in essence, a whole variety of possibilities to share with others to your heart's content.

And the kids will always be thrilled and delighted to set off on a water adventure!


Start a new sport

Doing it to your heart's content all year round

Developing your canoe-kayak skills might tempt you into trying new experiences such as long distance touring over one or several days or yet still sample the joys of competing by lining up for your first races.  

If you get hooked, you'll want to do canoeing kayaking at least in spring & autumn time, or even all year long. You'll see that going into the water in the off season with the right clothing has its particular appeal, the outdoors are different.... and you'll avoid in particular the crowds!

Everything is possible, enjoy yourself:)~ 

If i've failed to convince you with all these arguments, i suggest you try stand up paddle as soon as possible. and who knows, you might become as addicted as me...



Decathlon team writer (development leader decathlon france)

I discovered canoeing kayaking at the age of 10 during a summer holiday camp introducing water sports activities at Besançon. 

I was instantly taken in by kayaking because it put me into contact with nature in special way, discovering new landscapes, freedom to move around…I then discovered the joys of competing. I specialised in canoe sprint, winning a French junior champions title.

I work today for property development at Decathlon. I still do kayaking recreationally and love to share my enthusiasm for it with my kids, and more generally with all those who want to discover it. 


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