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How to keep your gear dry while kayaking?

Discover how to protect your belongings on the water: phone, GPS, camera, etc

Summer is here and the nice weather makes you want to go kayaking all day long… It’s a great idea, allowing you to discover the water world from an incomparable and unbelievable point of view. However, to be a successful kayaker you must equip your kayak with supplies and even spare parts. Unsure of the types of waterproof rucksacks or containers available? Itiwit explains how to keep your gear dry, including those that are most vulnerable to damage.

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#1 Protecting your electronic devices

Your smartphone is likely to accompany you on the water, so that you can share your excursion with others or use your GPS. The use of a waterproof pouch is strongly advised in order to protect your smartphone, but also to avoid dropping it in the water whilst using it. It will allow your smartphone to survive any splashes, and even brief immersion into the water.

You can also attach it to your jacket via a cord to minimize the risk of losing it. Now, you can share posts and beautiful photos on your social networks!

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#2 Waterproof rucksack or waterproof container?

The main advantage of a container is that it protects against bumps as well as splashes or water immersion. If you have any particularly delicate objects on you, (such as a tablet or camera), you can slide them into a waterproof pouch and then put them in the container. No more risk of bumps or water damage!

According to Itiwit, the waterproof rucksack is flexible, it easily fits inside the kayak and it is easier for transporting water thanks to its lightness and the webbing it is made of. It would be ideal for spare clothes, water reserves and food.

waterproof container itiwit kayak

#3 Tying up the waterproof containers and rucksacks well

Ok, so all your belongings are shared amongst your rucksacks and containers? Now you must tie them up well in the kayak to keep them on board, especially when on rivers travelling through small rapids.

For this, use the webbing in the kayak or the traps intended for this purpose. If your kayak is not provided with either of these, block the container or rucksack in the front or back of the boat. Have a great excursion on the water!

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