Summer is drawing to an end, the days are getting shorter, the air is cooler, but it’s not time to put your kayak away for the winter just yet. With the right clothing, you can enjoy kayaking right into the autumn, when the waters are much quieter and the light can be stunning.

#1 Materials that keep you warm even when damp

When you’re paddling, you can’t avoid getting a few drops of water on you. What's more, if you fall in, you need to be able to continue your outing without shivering. This is why we recommend using neoprene clothes, because this material keeps you warm even when it's wet. Try to find a sleeveless longjohn or shortjohn wetsuit, so that your arms can move freely.

Remember to rinse it in fresh water if you have been at sea, even if you haven’t fallen in, so that your wetsuit will last longer.Don’t leave it to dry in full sun, to avoid damaging the neoprene.A light windcheater will protect you if it is windy.


#2 Shoes to protect your feet

During your outing, getting your kayak in and out of the water may take you onto uneven, hard or even sharp ground, for example shells. That means you need to protect your feet.Rather than your old pair of trainers that get heavy when wet and have an ill-adapted sole, choose shoes suitable for walking in the water, with a good sole and a neoprene upper.This will also protect your feet in the kayak especially if you are using a rigid model with holes for your feet


#3 And of course a life vest

Indispensable for a safe outing on the water, this 50 Newton life vest (which must comply with the EN ISO 12402-5 standard) will keep you afloat if you go overboard and also help you get back onto the kayak more easily because you will float higher in the water than without a life vest. Even if you’re a good swimmer, wearing a life vest is strongly recommended, to maximise your safety.


For a long trip, choose a well-cut model to give you freedom of movement, with pockets so that you can keep your phone to hand in a waterproof pouch, carry provisions, etc.