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The first "kayak cross" competition with the x500 inflatable kayak

Experience the kayak cross competition in the X500 inflatable kayak in the rapids in Pau at the 2018 White Water Circus.

The first-ever White Water Circus organised in the “Stade d’Eaux Vives” in Pau, where France’s top canoeists and kayakists practise, saw an unprecedented “kayak cross” race on the new Itiwit X500 inflatable touring kayak.Experienced experts, who regularly practise at this top kayaking venue, were invited to take part in a race where only speed counts.Dominique, a proficient kayakist who works at the Decathlon store in Pau, was at the initiative of this original event that aimed to reveal all the qualities of this “rigid kayak that fits in a backpack.”

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Dominique explains the format of the race

"The idea is to hold heats of four kayakists who all start at the same time and complete the course with maximum water flow (the equivalent of a class 4 river) as quickly as possible. There are no rules. Anything goes, apart from the use of firearms...:)

The first two finishers in each heat go on to the next round, and so on until the final.

This is a technically difficult race, because this kayak is not like the model designed for downhill races that top kayakists are used to. It was designed for advanced kayakists who go touring on calm waters at sea, on lakes and on rivers.

All the competitors had time to get to know the kayak by making several practice runs before the competition.

The winner left with an Itiwit X500 kayak donated by Decathlon Pau.

I took part in the competition (see photo opposite) and I managed to reach the final, where I finished third. I really enjoyed myself!"

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And the winner is the extreme kayaking world champion

Instantly recognisable in extreme kayaking competitions thanks to his pink helmet, Eric Deguil did not do things by halves in order to finish first.

The conditions in the “Stade d’Eaux Vives” were far from the rapids he is used to.But he is familiar with the venue, because, as a member of the French downhill and slalom team, he often practised here.

The four-times extreme kayaking world champion, who is currently one of the top three freeriders in the world in the discipline, talks about the reasons why he decided to take part in this original event.

His thoughts straight after the race."A really cool Itiwit race, with a new inflatable kayak from Decathlon that is great fun. I think it can look forward to a great future. Maybe not under these conditions, but it’s a fun kayak".

The video of the race

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