How to use the x500 inflatable touring kayak

Here are some tips on how to inflate, prepare, use (set off from a pontoon, recover from a fall) and repair the X500 inflatable touring kayak.

Easy to steer and with a streamlined V-shaped hull, the X500-1 kayak will take you far, in comfort and throughout the year, thanks to its “skirt-able” sit-in shape! However, you need to use it properly to make the most of its ability to glide through the water. You will need some time to get used to the V-shaped hull if you have never used this type of kayak, in order to comfortably find the right position. We can give you some tips on how to make the most of your kayak during every single excursion.

#1 Inflate, adjust and fold the x500 kayak

This dropstitch inflatable kayak can be inflated in 3 minutes using a double-action hand pump to 10 psi (0.7 bar). Then, put the footrests on their rails and install the seat before getting into the kayak. The straps by the seat can be used to easily adjust the position of the footrests.

#2 How to put the neoprene spray deck

The neoprene spray deck helps stop water getting in as you paddle. It is easy to use withe the elasticated deck to keep it in place on the cockpit. The big orange grab loop on the front can be easily located with your hand

#3 How to set off from a pontoon and recover from a fall

The V-shaped hull of the Itiwit X500 inflatable kayak makes for excellent gliding through the water but can also be unstable when getting started. This is why we advise you to set off from a pontoon, using your paddle as a support. If you capsize, the technique that consists of riding up by the rear of the kayak is the easiest. Some water will remain in the keel, but this will not prevent you from navigating.

#4 Attach the watertight backpack to the front of the kayak

The Itiwit X500 inflatable touring kayak is designed to attach our 20-litre watertight backpack on the front. The backpack will always be within easy reach. The backpack’s straps are threaded through the loops in front of the coaming to offer very good support when kayaking. This allows the backpack to be opened easily without detaching it.

Spare parts

The link below will soon take you to the parts available for your Itiwit X500 inflatable kayak.

The essential accessories for the itiwit x500 inflatable kayak

  • How to use the x500 inflatable touring kayak

    Buoyancy aid


    Carbon kayak paddle


    High-pressure hand pump 


    Waterproof backpack 20l

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