stand up paddle surf trip marocco

Stand-up paddle surf trip to morocco with my inflatable 9’ surf sup

A surfing trip with the girls to a spot called Aourir in Morocco to learn how to surf stand-up paddle with an Itiwit 9’ inflatable surf sup

"I have been paddle boarding since I was 7, but have never had the courage to give surf sup a go. I’m scared of injuring myself, scared of not being any good, a bit scared of everything in fact.~I go paddle boarding with a club in Hossegor. And some of the other club members started surf sup including Françoise, who is now 69 years old! They all really loved it. So 4 of us decided to go on a Surf Sup course in Morocco. Or in fact, they persuaded me to go with them in spite of my total lack of experience in this discipline!  What finally convinced me was the 9’ inflatable surf sup designed by Itiwit. In fact, even in the event of an impact with the board, which can happen in the waves, I am no longer scared of injuring myself or injuring someone else if I collide with them. I was going to be able to learn without being held back by fear and worry.

sup trip marocco

#1 It’s really easy travelling with an inflatable surf paddle board!

We left from Nantes on 09 March (really low cost flights to Morocco). Katia took her rigid surf sup with her and I had my inflatable surf sup. We had to load her board onto the roof of the car to go to the airport, whereas my sup bag was in the boot with the luggage. I also took my detachable and adjustable 900 carbon paddle and double action hp pump. And it all fitted in my sup bag with my wetsuit as well.~After checking in for the flight, I even had to take it to the oversize luggage counter. But it was nothing like having a great big bulky board bag to deal with, I just put it on the conveyor belt, no hassle. When we arrived in Agadir, I wasn’t at all worried checking over my equipment. But Katia was pretty stressed, given the way that the ground agents were handling the sports equipment. ~A taxi was waiting for us at the airport, and once again, the most complicated bit was attaching Katia’s board onto the roof of the car. My board was already safely in the boot!

wave sup surf taghazout

#2 My first waves on an inflatable surf sup

I rode my first waves the very next day at a perfect Sup spot in Aourir, between Agadir and Taghazout. Instructed by my coach Jonathan, I managed to position myself correctly and to do several take-offs (when you start off in the wave)I love it!~I also spent a lot of time under the water. The inflatable Sup did some great loops above the surface of the water. Luckily, these Moroccan waves weren’t too violent. The spot was pretty much perfect for beginners, with sunshine every day and nobody in the water!~For our holiday, we had arranged an all-inclusive deal: coaching every morning with feedback, photos and videos, and full board and lodging. This is the best way to avoid having to spend too much time making decisions and means you get to spend maximum time in the water.

#3 Coaching with paid-for video

Our accommodation was at Riad Imourane in Tamghat. Jonathan came to collect us every morning at 9 AM. We spent between2 and 3 hours in the water and then he took us to one of the small restaurants overlooking the ocean for lunch, which was absolutely amazing! Every evening we had a photo and video debriefing to work out what we were doing wrong to try and correct it the next day.

Physically, it was a bit tough. I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had. My shoulders were like jelly despite the fact that I do a lot of touring sup. I fact, I realised that we were paddling just as much in surf sup, but even more vigorously to catch the wave. ~I had a few moments of feeling a bit down when I didn’t manage to catch the wave or when I found myself blocked in the shore break (waves at the edge) for a long time. I pushed myself and dived under the waves, trying to make sure that I didn’t end up with by board on my head.~There was one day in the middle of the week when the mist meant that we couldn’t see the waves, we couldn’t see them until they were actually breaking over us. Impossible to catch them in any way other than just on our heads! And then when the sun finally managed to come out, the series were nearly 1.5m high, which is like a mountain for me! But that day I finally managed a take-off on a great wave, I was chuffed to bits! My style wasn’t exactly orthodox, but the aim was to ride the wave. 

stand up paddle surf trip

#4 Summary of the trip

Our group of girls aged between 45 and 69 was of varying levels in terms of skill, but we all shared the same aim: having a great time without too much hassle. Two of my friends, who are pretty good at surf, sup gave me the benefit of their advice and experience, as well as that from the coach. It was a really great girls’ week, without any discrimination in terms of level, and characterised by sharing : lots of laughter in the water when one of us took a nose dive. I think I was definitely the champion for the most impressive falls!

I am so pleased that I took the Itiwit 9’ inflatable surf sup board. It is ultra stable, handling is great, and it makes it possible to stay on the crest (point at which the wave is breaking ) without too much effort. This board is also very reassuring when you know that you are going to get thrown around regularly by the waves. It is an ideal board for beginners and those wanting to progress. I’m looking forward to being able to handle it even more skilfully and to do little rollers (turns at the top and bottom of the wave). After the week away, I was definitely rid of any apprehension I had about going into the waves on a surf sup.

In fact, I just lacked strength, especially for energetic paddling. I had just finished a week of seasonal relocations at my Decathlon store in Anglet. So I was pretty tired before we left.

I can’t wait for the summer and its little waves so that I can get back out on the water and have fun with my friends!"


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