Sup surf trip in California with an inflatable sup board

Discover how easy it is to travel with an inflatable stand up paddle board and surf spots around Los Angeles in California with the Itiwit team.

sup surf trip california

September 2017. The Itiwit SUP Team (Greg the designer, Mathieu the engineer and Irwin the product manager) decided to go to the famous Stand Up Paddle race “Pacific Paddle Games” in California. The objective was to observe SUP race participants in preparation for the "2019 itiwit inflatable sup race" project launch. As soon as you mention "California", the word "waves" comes to mind, and they subsequently took the opportunity to take the very first 9' inflatable stand up paddle board model. It was designed for SUP surf users, making it easier to take their board with them all over the world. It will be its first test on the long trip from Hendaye to California...

What's in an inflatable stand up paddle surf bag?

To optimise luggage, I added to the Itiwit W500G 9' inflatable stand up paddle bag:~~> 6 fins (3 + 3 replacement ones in case, but we didn't break anything)~> 1 dual action HP pump~> 1 900 take-apart adjustable paddle without its cover~> 1 3/2 wetsuit and boots Departure was from Biarritz with a stopover at Paris. And it's just magic to see your paddle board arrive with the suitcases! On top of that, it fits perfectly in the boot of our Smart Forfour. The next day we flew to Los Angeles. The whole bag weighs in at 17 kg! Easy peasy!


Los Angeles' 3 famous surf spots

A day later we find ourselves at HUNTINGTON with our paddle boards for a wonderful session close to PIER. I am the only stand-up surfer in amongst lots of surfers. (and maybe even the first ever inflatable sup board here!) Change of scene on Thursday and we are at TRESTLE. This huge beach is divided into zones by board type: shortboard/bodyboard/longboard/sup ... We didn't really appreciate this type of segregation but there you go, not much choice, in the US, the law is no laughing matter! Once in the water, there is a good friendly atmosphere. I share the sea with other paddle crafts. I'm not worried if there's a collision because I won't hurt a soul thanks to my inflatable.

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SUP trip trestles
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SUP surf trip californie
california surf trestles

It's really brilliant to be able to take your Sup board to the other side of the world and surf with freedom. It's obviously a lot easier to ride unknown waves with a board you know well and that fits in the boot of the car. It makes me want to very quickly set off on a sup surf trip!