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Sup: benefits for your body and mood

More fun than running, more exotic than pilates, stand up paddle (SUP) is a complete sport that allows you to work a lot of muscles to clear your mind

More fun than running, more unconventional than Pilates and more playful than sea wading, stand-up paddle boarding is not only a complete physical sport but also one of fulfilling sensations. From deep muscles to biceps all the way to a sense of balance: SUP’s benefits are many both for body and mind. Check out this insider look by Itiwit!  

benefits SUP

#1 Stand-up paddle boarding works your upper and lower body and your balance

Even if stand-up paddling is a particularly accessible sport, balance is often the stone that beginners stumble with.

And yet! What appears to be a difficult thing to do—keeping your balance on the board—is, in fact, a fantastic ally for keeping fit!  

The regular practice of SUP—especially through the movement of the oar—certainly mobilizes the upper limbs of the body, but also the lower limbs, as well as the abs, work as much as the upper part to keep your body balanced on the board.

So what appeared at the beginning of your practice as "an effort" will quickly turn into a reflex. And after a while, you will work your legs and abs without even realizing it. This is called proprioception, and it's what makes SUP one of the most complete water-gliding sports!

benefits of stand up paddle boarding

#2 Good posture in sup helps regain shape

While surfing’s lying-down paddling is more physically demanding than SUP’s vertical paddling, it also puts strain on your spine. The standing position in SUP allows you to paddle while preserving your back, provided you maintain a good posture. The ideal is to keep a straight posture on your board and to use a paddle that is neither too long nor too short.  

In addition, stand-up paddling also works your core, which strengthens both your abdominal area and your back muscles. Perfect to regain shape and streamline your figure in the spring!  ~ 

benefits of SUP

#3 Stand-up paddle boarding is also good for your mood!

Beyond the physical benefits of a regular sports activity, SUP also contributes to keeping a smile on your face! How? 

     - Practising a sport in the open air rather than in a room helps you to oxygenate yourself and to absorb vitamin D, especially under the winter sun.

     - Paddling along on the water helps you to disconnect from everyday life: the relaxing effect of water and the sound of waves add to the mineral benefits of the iodized air.

     - Going on short outings along the shore provides a new perspective on the coast and gives you a feeling of freedom, which is always a blessing in our hectic scheduled times. 

Not to mention the feeling of gliding along, which can prove very addictive after a certain level of practice! 

Wouldn’t you agree?~ 

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