stand up paddle board with dog

I tried stand-up paddling with my dog

Mathilde loves sharing her life with her dog Mex. So why not bring him along when she goes stand up paddle boarding.

Mathilde, a component engineer at Decathlon, loves sharing her life with her dog Mex. So why not bring him along when she goes stand up paddle boarding in Hendaye? After some hesitation, she decides to go for it and see how Mex reacts when she asks him to join her on the water. Will he still be a loyal pup?

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The hardest part is convincing Mex to get on the board.

To help him overcome his fears, Mathilde has chosen an extra-wide, extra stable inflatable board. Mex can settle himself right at the front of the board to head out on the water….

But it’s easier said than done because he’s super stressed trying to get from the dock to the board. The board’s always moving a bit, and even with Mathilde’s encouragement, Mex is scared as he tries to step on.

In the end, she has to pick him up and put him on the board so they don’t spend all day on the dock…

stand up paddle boarding with your dog

Once they’re on the water, Mex instinctively lays down at the front of the board.

After giving him lots of reassuring cuddles, Mathilde starts off paddling on her knees to keep the board from moving too much.

And then little by little she stands up, and their expedition begins.

Mathilde is really excited to have Mex by her side for this adventure! He’s a dog who’s very happy in water. If he wasn’t, she would have put a lifejacket on him to keep him safe!

stand up paddle board with dog

After a few minutes, Mex stands up on his own.

Hey, that’s better, what a view! Now he can watch the fish darting about under the board and even jump in and swim around a bit next to it board if he’s an athletic dog!

What? It’s already over? Can’t wait for next time, "woof woof" (translation: doggie-boarding is great!)

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