How to choose watertight bag stand-up paddle boarding

How to choose a watertight pouch or bag for stand-up paddle boarding ?

Find out how to choose a watertight pouch or bag for stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), to keep your belongings safe and dry.

When touring, you need to take some food, drink and spare clothes with you on your stand-up paddle board (SUP).We will explain how to protect even your most fragile belongings, like a smartphone.

WATERTIGHT POUCHES stand up paddle

Watertight pouches

To protect your electronic devices, it is essential use a watertight pouch that you can slip into the watertight bag with your other belongings.You will regularly handle your smartphone by taking it out of your bag or slipping it into one of the pockets of your buoyancy jacket.


Watertight bags

If you are looking for lightweight and easy-to-carry protection,, choose a watertight bag.

Perfect when kayaking, stand-up paddling or light sailing.

This watertight duffel bag protects your belongings from splashes and brief immersion.

This watertight duffel bag comes in different colours and sizes from 5 to 60 litres.

Also exists in a 20-litre rucksack version, so that it can be transported more easily, or if your SUP board is not equipped with straps to attach the bag.

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