How to choose a inflatable kayak?

How to choose a inflatable kayak?

If you are looking for a model that is easy to carry and store, choose an inflatable kayak. Itiwit helps you to find the good one for your practice

When it comes to canoes and kayaks, there are plenty to choose from. It's not always easy to find your way when trying to make your first purchase. The ITIWIT brand will help you ask yourself the right questions so that you can make the right choice.

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How many people

You might want to go canoeing or kayaking on your own or with others. With friends or family.  You can get canoes/kayaks for 1 to 3 people (2 adults + 1 child). These kayaks can also be paddled solo by taking the extra seats out. Important: For safety, don't forget to wear a buoyancy aid.

How you want to use it

Itiwit inflatable canoes/kayaks can be used in two ways:


    Occasional touring canoeing/kayaking

    You want to go out for occasional and/or short trips (from 1 hour to half a day and up to 300m from shore) and in calm weather conditions. You need comfort and stability. In this case, choose a wide and flat canoe or kayak. Important: For safety, don't forget to wear a buoyancy aid.

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    Regular touring kayaking 

    You want to go out for long trips (from half a day to all day and from 300m to 2 nautical miles from shore). You need good glide performance.  In this case, choose a long and streamlined kayak. Important: For safety, don't forget to wear a buoyancy aid.

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The benefits of a compact design

Several years ago, Itiwit decided to only develop inflatable canoes and kayaks. The benefit of an inflatable kayak is that it is easy to transport since it packs down into a backpack and can therefore fit inside the boot of a car. But that's not all, read on to discover all the benefits of inflatables:

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Why Itiwit went inflatable

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