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An inflatable kayak with 3 raised seats for good paddling comfort. Stable and reassuring, perfect for a family outing.
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4.16 / 5 1222 ratings

User benefits

For 2 to 3 people, up to a maximum of 230 kg (507 lbs).
Easy assembly / dismantling
Inflate in 10 minutes using a double-action hand pump to 1.5 PSI (0.1 bar)
Side stoppers and inflatable board for good stability.
Glide performance
The patented bow shape gives the kayak good glide performance. 3 keels.
User comfort
Raised seat for comfort when at rest and when paddling.

Technical card

17 kg
382 x 108
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Inner fabric : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - Phtalate free
Approved by
ISO 6185-1 standard. Category IIIB (beach craft) Complies with French Division 240 regulations (sailing up to 300 m from shelter)
Availability of spare parts essential to the use of the product: 2 years
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Storage advice
Deflate, fold up. Store in a cool, dry place.
Use restriction
Do not leave inflated in direct sunlight: risk of overinflation.


Seat comfort
The front and back seats are high, this provides increased comfort for adults in the paddling position. The seats are arranged according to the number of persons on board, on the diagrams printed on the floor: In front of the "2+1" diagrams (which remain visible) when there are 3 persons on board. In front of the "2" markings when there are 2 persons on board.
After-sales service
Spare parts are available for Itiwit kayaks from after-sales service. Visit the workshop at your nearest Decathlon store to collect or order some. Inflatable floor: reference 8390991 Left bladder: reference 830 92 64 Right bladder: reference 830 91 67
Inflation recommendations & precautions
Inflate the floor first, then one of the side tubes and then the second tube to 50%. Check the overall positioning of the chambers. Then inflate it all to 100% without exceeding 0.1 bar (1.5 psi). DO NOT OVERINFLATE! Fully close all of the valves. Fit the 3 keels, unless using on a river containing little water. In the event of EXTREME HEAT, deflate the kayak slightly out of the water to avoid overinflation, which could damage the kayak.
Maintenance tips
In the event of damage to one of the side chambers, open the side tube lengthways using the zip and remove the chamber. The base cover can be removed using the Velcro. Example 1: the hole is in the side tube; you can use the repair kit to stick on a patch. Example 2: the hole is located along a seam; contact the DECATHLON workshop service to exchange the faulty bladder (2-year warranty).
Glide performance
Patented bow shape: the front and back ends provide good glide. The V-shaped front of the kayak enables smooth entry into the water.
Easy to disassemble and fold
New carry bag for 2016, backpack style for short distances. New 2016 fins with easy clips. Deflate the kayak by unscrewing the 3 "Boston" valves. Fold the side tubes down onto the floor. Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valves to squeeze out the air. Place the rolled-up kayak into the main compartment of the bag. Close the zip and tighten using the compression strap.
Technical specifications
INFLATED SIZE Length: 382 cm Width: 108 cm SIZE WHEN FOLDED IN BAG Height: 73 cm Width: 44 cm Thickness: 33 cm Weight: 17 kg Maximum pressure: 0.1 bar (1.5 psi) Seats: 2 or 3 seats Contents: kayak, bag, repair kit, keels PUMP NOT INCLUDED For use with an Itiwit double-action hand pump with adapters

Users reviews

4.16 / 5 1222 ratings
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  • Man
    06 August 2020
    Use since More than 1 year
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    Failed after 5 uses

    My left bladder failed after 5 uses and instructions on repair are equivalent to hieroglyphics. also inflation process instructions are incorrect as if you blow up one side fully, it put additional pressure on the other side when inflating and i think this is the cause of the failures. both sides should be partially inflated first to allow floor to sit correctly and not put pressure on other side.

  • Man
    30-39 years old
    06 August 2020
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    Absolutely worthless company, ordered and payed for a kayak two weeks ago and had order and delivery confirmation from decathlon with delivery dates so was confident enough to buy other required items like pump , life vests , clothes and kayaking shoes etc etc from other retailer as decathlon was out of stock. Now 2 weeks lates i email them for delivery confirmation just to be told that my order was canceled! Conveniently it was canceled the same day i reached out to them for an update. So now im stuck with all the extra stuff that i bought from amazon ( which came in on time ) as Decathlon refuses to offer any alternatives , all i got was sorry that was it, they dont care about their customers as soon as you pay youre on your own, pathetic!

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    04 August 2020
    Use since More than 2 years
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Didn’t last very long

    Very pleased at first had lots of fun but the seats broke at the welds, couldn’t fix and had to fight to get replacements which also broke the same way. Then the main chamber burst on the welds again. Despite little use decathlon wouldn’t replace. Not very happy. Usually I’m very impressed with their kit but this has an inherent fault that decathlon should own and sort. The bot is now 2 years old has had little use and been cared for but will now end up in the bin.