How to care of your inflatable kayak

How to care of your inflatable kayak

The first thing you should do when you get back to shore is empty your Itiwit inflatable kayak. 

Store it properly after each trip

The first thing you should do when you get back to shore is empty your Itiwit inflatable kayak. To do so, simply open the drain plug at the back of the kayak's hull and tip it up to empty out all the water that is in the bottom.

Once you have done this, deflate your kayak (the seats can remain in place), fold the two sides in on each another and roll it up, trying not to leave any fold lines.

At home, you will need to unroll it to rinse it with fresh water and leave it to dry before rolling it back up again.

The best way to dry it out completely is to remove the seats and then the floor and leave them to dry separately. Once everything is dry, put it all back in place and pack your kayak into its bag. This way, it can wait patiently for your next trip, even if that's in a year's time.

kayak replace part

Replace parts

Itiwit inflatable kayaks have been designed so that you can easily replace worn parts and make them last well beyond their two-year guarantee. You can easily order these parts from or in your Decathlon store:
- fins
- inflation valves
- seats (cover or bladder)
- bladders of the side tubes
- floor bladder
- floor fabric
- carry bag

repair inflatable kayak


Inflatable kayaks have the enormous advantage of being very easy to transport thanks to their compact size. However, they do carry the risk of one of the bladders bursting if punctured by a sharp object (the kayak is designed to allow you to get back to shore even if one of the three bladders is flat) or of the skeg becoming bent after hitting a rock. This is quick and easy to repair, so you can do it yourself without having to bring your kayak back to your store.

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How to care for your inflatable kayak

An inflatable kayak has several advantages, mainly its ease of transport. However, it requires regular upkeep if it is to last longer than its 2 year guarantee.