Choosing a pump for your inflatable kayak

Itiwit recommends you the perfect pump for your inflatable kayak.

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Being compact and easy to use, inflatable kayaks are widely required by occasional users. All models have several bladders, providing good stability and a comfortable glide. It is therefore important to inflate the bladders to the recommended pressure (high-pressure pumps are reserved for inflating stand-up paddles). This means you need to choose your pump according to its size and/or bulk and to the technology (manual or electric).

foot pump kayak

#1 The foot pump

This pump is the most compact and is very easy to carry, but takes time to inflate each bladder, which will quickly tire out your leg.

It is mainly used to inflate mattresses and small beach boats. But if you have back problems, this pump will nevertheless have its uses.

#2 Manual double action pump

This pump allows rapid inflation because it pumps air out when you lower the handle, but also when you pull it towards you (double action).

There are different pump sizes. Small pumps are more compact but take time to inflate each bladder because they pump out less air. They are also harder work for your back, because you need to bend down low to operate the pump.

If you choose a double-action pump that is higher, you will inflate your kayak faster and it will be easier on your back.

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electric pump kayak


If you don't consider manual inflation to be a good warm-up for kayaking, or if you simply find it too hard, choose an electric pump that plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car. Set the desired pressure on the dial, press "on" and in a few minutes, the bladder is automatically inflated. You generally need to leave your car engine running while inflating your kayak, to avoid emptying the battery. Some electric pumps can also operate on rechargeable batteries but they can cost more than €200.