A tour of Venice on a stand-up paddle board during “Surfin’venice”

Fabrizio took part in the Surfin’Venice event on the city’s canals on his Itiwit inflatable SUP board.

Venice stand-up paddle board race

“On 22 July, I took part in the Surfin’Venice stand-up paddle race. This international SUP event is organised by the Surf Club Venezia. Some 100 participants from all over Italy and Europe took a tour of Venice’s famous canals.”

Surfin'Venice is not a competition, but atour of Venice’s canals to San Giorgio Maggiore island from the Scalo Fluviale car park in Tronchetto. The event was attended by participants from European athletes from all over Italy, France and even Hungary, who came to support the Venice pearl glass trade’s application for recognition by Unesco

“I flew from Catania to Venice on the morning of 21 July with my Itiwit Explo500 12'6x29” SUP board and my separable/adjustable Itiwit carbon paddle.This kit is perfect for this kind of trip, because I can easily take everything with me in the plane and carry it on my back, once in Venice. On the morning of 22 July, we went to the starting line with a colleague from Decathlon.We inflated our stand-up paddle boards and we set off. The number of places was limited to 100. We made a 4-hour trip with a short spritzstop without getting off the SUP board, before finishing in front of the famous San Marco square. This unbelievable experience was an opportunity to admire Venice from the water. A magical perspective of a magnificent city! The Itiwit Explo500 12'6x29 board that we both used was perfect for this type of event, because it is  stable with an excellent glide performance. The lightweight paddle (540gr) was also valuable on such a long trek. Our inflatable Itiwit SUP boards were very well received, and the other participants were surprised by their quality and glide performance." Fabrizio

itiwit surf in venice