Yannick, engineer for itiwit

An interview with Yannick, an engineer for Itiwit


Who are you?

"I’ve always been passionate about surf sports and I like regularly discovering new activities.
I made my professional debut with Decathlon in 2009 in the Cycling Department, then I specialised in electrical assistance for bikes for around seven years. I then suggested an electrical assistance development project for watersports which was realised at the start of 2021, when I joined the ITIWIT teams."

What do you do at itiwit?

"Product engineer for the development of electrical assistance solutions for kayaks, paddles and electrical pumps, but also some projects for fishing, diving and bodyboarding."

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

"The feeling of freedom and being balanced on the water, as well as the diversity of the activity, whatever the type of trip, for speed or exploring, each experience is unique!"

Your fondest memories

"A bike trip with an SUP on your back, followed by a descent from the Gard bridge with the whole team, with magnificent views, wonderful moments shared together, and passing underneath the bridge with the sunset to end the day with beauty!"

Your favourite itiwit products

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  • your favourite itiwit products

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