Xavier, retail supplier at itiwit

An interview with Xavier, responsible for retail for the stand-up paddleboard family


Who are you?

" I am an ex-high-level sportsman in Fencing
for the French team between 2000 and 2012.
After my Masters in sports management, I became a part of Decathlon as a temp in 2012 to become a salesperson, responsible for the department and operations and a store manager.
And I have now been a Retail Supplier for ITIWIT for 3 years"

What do you do at itiwit?

"A Retail Supplier (buyer). I try to provide the correct quantities in the right place at the right time. I support all the projects to make them economically viable"

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

"It's a young sport which allows you to chill, make progress or enjoy yourself in an environment different from the land!"

Your fondest memories

"Paddling down the Tarn on a stand-up paddle board, The Tarn Water Race"

Your favourite itiwit products

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  • your favourite itiwit products

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