Carrying your belongings on the water!

Itiwit offers you a large choice of products allowing you to protect your belongings when you go out.


#1 Watertight range for carrying your belongings on the water!

When you go on the water, you always need to carry some belongings (cereal bars, towel, packed lunch, telephone, water, keys, etc.) Itiwit offers a full range of watertight products from a phone pouch to a 60L bag.

What level of watertightness do I need on the water? For large items, our bags offer protection against superficial immersion and splashing water and for small electronic items (telephone, car keys) our pouches comply with standard IPX7. Itiwit explains how to kit yourself out properly and protect your belongings from the water!

watertight pouches-s-et-l-itiwit-tribord-decathlon

#2 I use

Watertight telephone pouches s/l

When we're on the water, we also often need our phone to take photos, share experiences and sports performances or look up an itinerary. For this reason, Itiwit has developed watertight pouches which still allow you to use the phone's touchscreen functions.


#3 I carry

Watertight duffel bags

When we're out on the water, we often carry a lot of belongings (change of clothing, towel, food, accessories, fittings etc.) For this reason, Itiwit offers a full range of products with varying capacities: 5 - 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 60 L watertight duffel bags with 3-point, roll top fastening. Make the most of your storage with our range of different colours.


#4 I transport

20L watertight backpack

When stand up paddling on the water, sometimes it's easier to transport your belongings on your back. Itiwit offers a range of 20L watertight backpacks that are comfortable to carry and have small, internal storage pockets.


Watertight stand up paddle touring backpack 500/100l+ 40l orange

To protect your belongings when touring on water, Itiwit has developed this bag which consists of a 100L compartment for carrying your inflatable SUP and a 40L watertight compartment for carrying your belongings on the water. Enjoy navigating any body of water on your SUP - in complete autonomy