Camille’s first downriver trip in a packraft

Ugo talks to us about the sup race 14’27

We interviewed Ugo, a designer at Itiwit, about the new stand-up paddleboard race.

Ugo, a designer at Itiwit, shares the early design stages of the new stand-up paddleboard race!

sup race 14'27

How did you come up with it? what were the requirements?

"Following round table meetings with our ambassadors from across SupRace, we needed to respond to a request for a board that is more stable and more forgiving on flat water, when using it on small swells and small rivers. We have also responded to a need for Explo/Race versatility:
Going further and faster, in different sailing conditions, all while being compact once folded!"

What made you design a board like this one?

"With the Race group project, we have put a huge amount of effort into the general optimisation of this range, for the benefit of the gliding performance. With the application of woven dropstich and carbon stringers, these improvements have allowed us to improve the board’s rigidity and reduce its weight. The semi-rigid nose and tail, already used in the first-generation model, provide this range with very good hydrodynamics.
Regarding accessories, we have considered different applications of the pad on different areas of the board: very comfortable in the middle, greater grip at the back for sharp turns. The elastic and the strap on the front of the board allow you to attach a bag, bottle, etc. it’s great for long-distance races and during racing.

Thanks to research into new glue for assembling our SUPs, from now on, we are using the CMRFree: non-reprotoxic, cleaner and much more suitable for the people who work in our factories. The SUP bag, in the image of the board, uses dopedye and byton, which is a very low impact fabric. We are very proud of these advances, which, altogether, allow us to make our products and services more and more ethical!"

sup race 14'27

How have you treated this board?

"We wanted to improve performance, with a darker shade on most of the board. The characteristic Itiwit orange is a technical value on the front of our Race range, it highlights the hydrodynamic value during use and helps "cut through the water". This board is also suitable for both racing and for leisure or training use."

Ugo talks to us about the stand-up paddleboarding race 500 14’27

What is your favourite memory with this board?

"My favourite memory with this board is the development and the on-location tests with the project group and Olivia Piana, a stand-up paddleboarding champion."

Camille’s first downriver trip in a packraft

A closing word

"If you like cutting through the water and a board that fits in your suitcase, it’s perfect."
Ugo -

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