The next generation of Paddling

Céline, SUP addict, shares her feedback on our new compact stand up paddle board!

The next generation of Paddling

When it comes to greater speed, distance and freedom, Itiwit is always one step - or one paddle - ahead!
And no, this isn't a preview for a some new bit of marketing, but an idea made real.
Our small Backpack Paddle is one of our newest additions, opening the door to ever greater possibilities for bringing your backpack along on short or long trips.
I'm going to focus on eco-friendly travel by bike and covering short distances in the most environmentally friendly way possible, all at a level of comfort that's not possible with older generation boards.

What's changed?How is it possible?the specifics

I proposed or nominated the Compact Stand Up Paddle, and brought it on board at my Sup Dream School. We were delighted to have it, with its two formats in two colours (8' yellow and 9' blue) and I saw right away what I had and that I'd be saving space!
It's true! Because its ingenious and revolutionary new way of folding takes you from a 70L pack to a 30L pack, and that could change the way we do Stand Up Paddle.
It folds in half length-wise and can be rolled and unrolled in a flash.
Its two fins slide easily into place and give it stability, comfort and a smooth ride.

The 8 foot model is ideal for smaller paddlers; SUP kids love it and are comfortable on it. The short fins make it easy to stand safely on your board while navigating shallow water and games. This little yellow board is making big waves!In the Kids Paddle class at SUP Dream School, kids learn to prepare their gear. This includes inflation and transportation to the shore, the latter of which can be done with the backpack or an already-inflated board.

The next generation of Paddling
The next generation of Paddling

It's surprising how light it is!It's quicker and more responsive during water starts, and its ample width provides excellent balance for small and medium-sized paddlers.
Ready, set... Go! starting from the shore is easy as, and the 9' model is just as great and perfect for adults.
Its light weight makes it perfect for solo or family outings
. Each one is fitted with a small net that lets you attach a waterproof sack or water bottle before you head out on the water. The leash is also designed to save space and weight.   

Both of these Compact models are superb for an outing on a high mountain lake for example, a place you just couldn't go with a standard board that takes up more weight and space.
The 9' board also makes it possible to do Yoga or Pilates on the water.
Just think that before you had to install a roof rack, and now this little bag is all you need - well maybe that and your Quechua tent for a bit of SUP camping.You toss it and it unfolds.

The next generation of Paddling

I invited you to come try out these new boards at Supdreamschool, an ITIWIT partner in Basque Country!