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These conditions of use are concluded between any Internet user of the website (hereinafter referred to as "the User") and the "ITIWIT" site, operated by the company DECATHLON.SA, a public limited company with capital of €10,450,000. , registered with the RCS of Lille Métropole under number B 306 138 900 and whose registered office is located at 4 Boulevard de Mons 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq; hereinafter referred to as "the Site" or "SITE". The ITIWIT Site belongs to the “DECATHLON GROUP”. This designates the company DECATHLON SA and all the companies held by it, directly or indirectly, up to a minimum of 10% of the capital or voting rights (hereinafter referred to as "DECATHLON Subsidiaries" or "Companies of the GROUP DECATHLON").

The "ITIWIT" site designates the website accessible mainly from the URL www.itiwit.fr and allowing Users to benefit from the functionalities described in article 2. ITIWIT restricts the use of its Site to only Users having the quality of particular and using it at a normal frequency. The misuse or access of the Site is strictly prohibited for any natural or legal person using the Site for professional needs or in the context of an ancillary professional activity.

For the purposes hereof, the term "Use" includes all the operations carried out by the Internet user upon access to the Site, including its simple consultation, regardless of the access device (in particular, computer, tablet and Smartphone), the type of connection (private connection, third-party connection or public Wi-Fi) and the place of connection (from France or abroad).

The use of the Site implies the unconditional acceptance of these general conditions by the User. These terms may be subject to change. Therefore, it is understood that the applicable conditions are those in force on the Site at the time of its use.

1- Features offered by the site

The Site allows the User:

To discover the articles and services offered by Decathlon;
To obtain advice on products, advice on use, etc.;
Make online purchases by redirecting to the www.decathlon.fr website;
To publish opinions on items sold by the Decathlon group.

The list of features is provided for reference only. The Site reserves the right to add or remove them, temporarily or permanently, without the User's consent.

2 - Site Terms of Use

2.1 The Site is reserved for adults who are private individuals as well as minors with parental consent. In any case, ITIWIT encourages anyone responsible for a minor to monitor the latter's use of the Site.

2.2 Access to certain services offered by the Site may be subject to the creation of an Account requiring the communication, by the User, of information allowing his identification. In view of the provisions of the Law for Confidence in the Digital Economy (LCEN) of August 6, 2004 as amended, ITIWIT has a legal obligation to collect and store this identification data. The User undertakes to transmit exact and complete data on his identity and refrains from usurping the identity of any third party. Otherwise, the Site reserves the right not to confirm, suspend or delete the account

3 - Deposit of content on the site

3.1 In order to promote interaction between Users, ITIWIT may offer them various services and permanent modules for the deposit of content on its site. For the purposes hereof, "Content" is defined as any element posted by the User on the Site, such as text, comment, image, photo, video, or any type of file regardless of the content or form.

3.2 The User is responsible for anything that may occur in his name and from his computer terminal. The User agrees to immediately notify the Site, in the event that he has reason to believe that his username or email address is, or may be, known by a person not authorized to use it. The Site declines all responsibility in the event of the use of a User's personal data by an unauthorized third party.

3.3 The Site may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. The User may not under any circumstances communicate commercial information or carry out any trade on the Site, in any form whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever.

4- Behavior on the site

In particular, the User is prohibited from:
- Commit any illegal act;
- Extract or collect personal data from users of the Site by any means;
- Extract, record or use, for purposes other than the sole display when browsing this Site, the content of third parties subject to intellectual property rights, relating to privacy, personal data or image rights;
- Store, distribute or publish any content that is illegal, harmful, abusive, racist, inciting hatred, revisionist, contrary to morality, infringing privacy or infringing the private rights of third parties, in particular image rights persons and property, the right to intellectual property or the right to respect for private life.
- Store, disseminate or publish, any information allowing to reveal, directly or indirectly, his political, philosophical or religious opinions, his union membership, his state of health or his sexual orientation;
- Submit content on behalf of a third party;
- Impersonate a third party and/or publish any personal information of a third party;
- Store, distribute or publish any content that may harm, directly or indirectly, the interests of the DECATHLON GROUP.

In general, the User undertakes to refrain from any behavior contrary to sporting ethics or to the values ​​and interests of the DECATHLON GROUP.

5 - Intellectual property

5.1 Contenu publié par le Site
Le Contenu sur le Site est soumis à des droits de propriété et protégé au titre de la propriété intellectuelle, notamment droits d’auteurs, dessins et modèles, marques, noms de domaine, brevets, savoir-faire, logiciels ou bases de données. Le GROUPE DECATHLON et ses partenaires restent propriétaires de l’ensemble de ces Contenus et droits associés.

Sur ces Contenus, le GROUPE DECATHLON accorde aux Utilisateurs une licence limitée, non-exclusive, révocable, sans droit de sous-licencier pour les simples accès, navigation et utilisation liés au Site. Cette licence n’accorde aux Utilisateurs aucun autre droit, en particulier aucun droit d’exploitation commerciale de ces Contenus.

5.2 Contenus publiés par les Utilisateurs
L’ensemble des Contenus pouvant être publiés par l’Utilisateur (notamment textes, commentaires, fichiers, images, photos, vidéos, œuvres, etc… ), éventuellement soumis à des droits de propriété, propriété intellectuelle, droit à l’image ou autre droit privatif restent la propriété de l’Utilisateur, sous réserve des droits limités accordés par la licence définie ci-dessous au GROUPE DEACATHLON ou de l'application, au cas par cas, d'autres conditions particulières préalablement acceptées pour des services spécifiques potentiellement disponibles sur les sites du GROUPE DECATHLON. Les Utilisateurs sont libres de publier ou non de tels Contenus sur le Site via notamment le service « Partage de photos » et acceptent que ces Contenus deviennent publics et librement accessibles notamment sur Internet. Ils reconnaissent, s’engagent et garantissent disposer de l’ensemble des droits et autorisations nécessaires pour une telle publication sur le Site, notamment au titre de la législation en vigueur et des droits au respect de la vie privée, de propriété, de la propriété intellectuelle, à l’image, des contrats ou de toute autre nature. Par une telle publication sur le Site, les Utilisateurs ont conscience d'engager leur responsabilité en tant qu'éditeur du Contenu au sens de la loi, et accordent sur le dit Contenu, pour toute la durée de publication, à DECATHLON, une licence non exclusive, gratuite, mondiale, incluant les droits de reproduction, de représentation, de chargement, d’affichage, d’exécution, de transmission, de stockage, ainsi que de sous-licencier, notamment à ses filiales, partenaires techniques et autres Utilisateurs du Site.
Les Utilisateurs autorisent également que leur nom puisse être associé au Contenu et acceptent que cette association ne soit pas toujours faite.

Par leur publication, les Utilisateurs autorisent qu'un Contenu puisse devenir automatiquement accessible sur internet, notamment sur d'autres sites et/ou blogs et/ou pages web du GROUPE DECATHLON incluant notamment les pages des réseaux sociaux des site du GROUPE DECATHLON ou des Utilisateurs des sites du GROUPE DECATHLON pouvant partager certaines contenus. Les Utilisateurs peuvent demander à DECATHLON de faire cesser leur publication dans le respect des modalités prévues à l’article 9 des présentes conditions d’utilisation.

6 – Liability

6.1 Responsibility of ITIWIT
6.1.1 Consultation and use of the Site is the responsibility of the User. The Site may host links to third-party sites. By clicking on these links, the User acknowledges that ITIWIT cannot guarantee their content, and therefore agrees to access them at their own risk. Consequently, ITIWIT cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from access to and/or use of the Site and the information it contains. The User is also informed that ITIWIT may be required to temporarily interrupt access to the Site for technical reasons, in particular for maintenance reasons. The User accepts these interruptions and waives any claim in this regard.

The use of the Site by the User implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the technologies inherent to the Internet, in particular with regard to response times to consult or query the server hosting the Site, technical performance, the risks of interruption and, more generally, any risk incurred during the transmission of data.

Consequently, ITIWIT and, more generally, the DECATHLON GROUP cannot under any circumstances be held liable, without this list being exhaustive.
- Any information consulted on the Site that is not put online by ITIWIT
- Any malfunction of the network preventing the proper functioning of the Site
- Loss of any data
- The malfunction of any software
- The consequences of any computer virus, bug, anomaly or failure
- Any damage caused to the User's computer.

6.1.2 In its capacity as host, within the meaning of article 6.I.2 of the Law for confidence in the digital economy of June 21, 2004 as amended, ITIWIT cannot be held liable for the activities or content published on the site by other Users. ITIWIT's liability is limited to that provided for in Articles 6.I.2. et seq. of the aforementioned Law. The Site may therefore delete any illegal or manifestly illegal content without prior warning or notice, in accordance with the provisions of Article 6.I.3 of the said Law.

Consequently, ITIWIT is not required to exercise a priori control over the quality, safety, veracity or legality of the Content submitted by Users.

6.2 User responsibility
6.2.1 By using the Site, the User agrees to release the DECATHLON GROUP from liability and to guarantee it against any damage, costs and expenses, direct and indirect, resulting from:
- Any claim by a third party concerning any content posted in its name, in particular for violation of rights on the content published by the User on the Site or press offenses in connection with the elements sent or published on the Site;
-Any activity relating to participation on the Site contrary to these general conditions, including for fraudulent purposes;
- Violation of these Terms of Use of the Site.

6.2.2 ITIWIT wishes to make its Users aware of the publication of Content, such as shots or other photos of Users.
ITIWIT draws the attention of its Users to the need to publish or share photographs, images or videos that respect and comply with the ethics of sport and the values ​​of the DECATHLON GROUP. Any non-compliant Content will be systematically removed from the Site

8 - Deletion of content submitted by the user

8.1 ITIWIT may terminate any registration and/or delete any profile and/or any content and/or any information published on the Site and/or prohibit the use and/or access to the Site, upon becoming aware of non-compliance by the 'User of these general conditions of use or for technical reasons. This modification or deletion may be made without notice, without prior notification or warning, at any time and at the sole discretion of ITIWIT.
Via the “Report Abuse” procedure, each User can inform the Site, by attaching all the details necessary to process their request, that Content is presumed to be published in violation of these terms of use.

8.2 The User also has the option of deleting the Content posted on the Site. To do this, he must submit a request for removal of the Content by e-mail to the following address: [email protected] This request must imperatively be accompanied by information allowing the identification of the said content. For content submitted via the “Photo Sharing” service, the information required for deletion is as follows: surname, first name, email address used when submitting the content, year of submission, title of the content.

Any well-founded and legitimate request will be processed as soon as possible by ITIWIT without the latter being able to guarantee immediate deletion of access to the content. The User acknowledges that ITIWIT cannot incur any liability in this regard, in particular due to the time required to process his request, technical constraint or material impossibility to respond to it, in particular in the event that the Content has been taken over by third parties.

9 – completeness

If one or more stipulations of the general conditions of use are declared null or void by application of a law, a regulation or following a final judicial or administrative decision, the other stipulations will retain their force and scope. ITIWIT will make its best efforts to proceed as soon as possible with its replacement by a valid stipulation and of a scope closest to the spirit of the present. The fact that one of the parties has not demanded the application of any clause of these conditions, permanently or temporarily, can in no way be considered as a waiver of the said clause.

10 - Disputes

These general conditions of use are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved amicably, the Parties agree to refer the case to the competent court of the place of establishment of the defendant.