Patrick, an engineer at itiwit

Interview with Patrick, an Engineer for the stand-up paddleboard and canoe-kayak hybrid range.


Who are you?

I'm a father of 2 and enthusiast of water and snow sports, as well as mechanics and innovation.
After 12 years in the industry designing rolling parts for trains and then quickly switching to lighting and hospital equipment, I joined Decathlon 13 years ago as a product and design engineer. After designing various""land-based"" products (snowshoes, scooters: designer of the Easyfold), I joined the water sports division where I was able to develop different products and accessories (boat components, valves, pumps, surf fins, foils, surfboards, surf accessories). I recently designed and developed the Tamahoo 100, our 'DISCOVER' windsurfing board.

What do you do at itiwit?

 I've just recently joined ITIWIT, to develop our hand pump range (SUP, Kayak, Quechua, etc. :-). As a product engineer and designer, I'm keen to offer increasingly durable pumps that perfectly meet our users' expectations while reducing their environmental impact!

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

I love outdoor sports and water sports, and the sports ITIWIT covers allow you to enjoy the outdoors in a different way, to spend time with your family on the water and to challenge yourself.

Your fondest memories 

Family or team strolls through gorgeous places (and heaven knows there are plenty of them, in France and elsewhere).

Your favourite itiwit products 

  • Jérôme, responsible for after-sales service at Itiwit

    8' Compact stand-up paddle board

  • your favourite itiwit products 

    Quick and 
    easy-to-use pump