Noéline, engineer at itiwit

An interview with Noéline, an engineer for the stand up paddleboard family


Who are you?

"My passion for water sports goes back to my childhood, to summer and winter holidays spent in Charente-Maritime, where some of my family come from. As I grew up in Le Mans, the only access to winter sports was at a recently opened ice rink, so I started ice hockey, which I played competitively at a high level for 10 years. My love for ice hockey led me to join Decathlon in 2015, where I was fortunate to be one of the pioneers behind this newly branded sport. I contributed to its development for 6 years, in particular by creating the first range of skates. When I joined Itiwit, I fulfilled a professional ambition and a childhood dream when I started designing Stand Up Paddle boards right on the water."

What do you do at itiwit?

"I joined Itiwit in early January 2022 as a Product Engineer for stand up paddle boards"

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

"The thrill of gliding through the waves on the SUP surfboard, exploring and discovering new places and landscapes"

Your fondest memories 

"My first waves in the channel of Hendaye SUP Surfing!
My meeting with the Itiwit team, kayaking through the coves of Menorca"

Your favourite itiwit products 

  • Jérôme, responsible for after-sales service at Itiwit

    Waterproof duffel bag 40 l blue v2

  • your favourite itiwit products 

    11' Inflatable sup touring board