Lucie, quality control manager at itiwit

An interview with Lucie, a Quality Control Manager at Itiwit for the stand-up paddleboard and canoe-kayak family


Who are you?

"I love discovery and adventure; sharing new experiences every day and discovering new people to share them with! This is why, after gymnastics, taekwondo, swimming, volleyball (and so on), I now have discovered Stand-up Paddleboarding with an amazing team! After many years as a project manager in Lille, I am now responsible for quality control for several watersports."

What do you do at itiwit?

"I am responsible for the quality of products at Itiwit. I support the product managers and the product engineers to design quality products in order to appeal to our users and ensure their security."

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

"The range of possibilities that Stand-up Paddleboarding provides! One day you can paddle down the Nivelle with friends and the next you can recharge your batteries by doing SUP-Yoga. Whether you’re looking for high performance or just a good time with friends, there is something for everyone!"

Your fondest memories

"Paddling down the Bidassoa with friends. It's not the most beautiful route I’ve completed but it is without doubt the most memorable! Not having enough water in some places and not wanting to walk with the SUP under our arms, we removed our fins! After some zigzags and nosedives by some of us, we were able to resume our normal pace and take the opportunity to pick up any litter we found in the water.
Overall, it was quite a comical outing, but we still had a feeling of having done something to preserve our environment!"

Your favourite itiwit product