Lucas, an engineer at itiwit

An interview with Lucas, a Designer for the canoe-kayak family

lucas, an engineer at itiwit

Who are you?

"Enthusiastic about the ocean, I have always lived near the sea and enjoyed all watersports, on the waves, under or on the water. I only really discovered kayaking for the first time at ITIWIT in 2018. Since then I have worked in Mozambique and for WATKO before returning to ITIWIT Kayak in October 2021."

What do you do at itiwit?

"I’m a product engineer for the dropstitch kayaks. I mainly work on the development of racing kayaks."

What do you like about kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding?

"When kayaking you can do anything, play in the waves, go fast, explore, go on an adventure, paddle down rivers, etc. I particularly love the feeling of gliding and the freedom this sport offers."

Your fondest memories

"Kayaking the Dordogne end-to-end in a 500 kayak, my first packraft trip in the Basque country, my kayaking expeditions in Mozambique and of course, the Hendayan waves in a surfski"

Your favourite itiwit products