Lola, engineer at itiwit

An interview with Lola, an engineer for the stand-up paddleboard family


Who are you?

"I was recruited from Norway, where I spent a year with the Erasmus scheme and took part in my classes at Itiwit. I joined the team in 2016. Then, after a brief 1-year period spent in Lille with the Decathlon "BAGS" process, I came back to my favourite team in my favourite place: next to the sea and walking distance from the mountains!"

What do you do at itiwit?

"As product engineer, I am in charge of designing racing, surfing and foiling stand-up paddleboards. I am also in charge of the bag and waterproof pouch ranges at Itiwit. Alongside this role, I am the sustainability design leader for my sport and responsible for the EPR "Extended Producer Responsibility" in the Hendaye Watersports Centre."

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

"Being outdoors. When paddling around in the sun, I can cool off whenever I want. It is accessible for everyone and you can bring family and friends.
The feelings, the adrenaline while surfing. Being able to catch waves behind the mass of surfers and realising I am the only female in the SUP surfing! The feeling of being part of a group and the feeling of the water breaking under the nose of my board."

Your fondest memories

"The Nautic SUP Race in Paris: seeing the spire of the Notre Dame from the Seine before it burnt down! I will never forget it.

Crossing the Sainte-Eulalie Canal in Landes with Adrien and Antoine: it is known as the Amazon of Landes; with its vines and hornets, who knows, maybe this was the beginning of my desire for adventure! "

Your favourite itiwit product

buoyancy aid belt

Inflatable buoyancy aid belt ba 50n+ pfd