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Karine’s challenge!

Karine tells you about her Pilates Flow challenge on her stand up paddleboard

The idea of this Pilates flow on a stand up paddleboard came from my desire to bring together my passion for dance and movement and my desire to be in the water more often.

Even though I am a distinguished skier, gliding down the water is totally new for me. And then, from operations to heavy treatments my body has had to adapt to new limits!

One of the biggest challenges I faced in creating this choreography was to anticipate the level of balance and ease on the stand up paddleboard I would be able to achieve and therefore what movements were possible to create a continuous and musical flow.

On my own, I wouldn't have known how to do it. Fortunately, within the association Hope Team East which supports sporting challenges for people with chronic illnesses, I was supported by Pernelle Laffetas (APA coach and Pilates teacher). Her coaching has been the cornerstone to my success. I also received the valuable support of Itiwit, a sup and kayak brand, for the loan of paddles and the technical and logistical aspects of the day.
All this support inspired me and I decided to make my challenge an event dedicated to all the people who have accompanied me, supported me or even saved my life since the discovery of my illness. All these people without whom I would never have been able to stay afloat to achieve this challenge. That's why I called it "Ensemble" and why we danced to the song by Grand Corps Malade where he says: “Tout seul je vais vite (Alone I go fast). Ensemble on va loin” (Together we go far).
On the day, it poured with rain and it was cold. I had decided to keep going regardless of the weather. The crowd was safe under a shelter and I’m not made of sugar. As if by magic, the rain stopped crashing down on time. I take great pleasure in doing this choreography in the beautiful setting of Txingudi Bay.
Additionally, the light and the colours after the rain stopped brought out the magic of the moment.

I am so proud my challenge was successful and that stand up paddleboarding came into my life. I only have one desire now, to push this adventure further on my paddleboard with a more complex choreography for my 2022 sporting challenge.

Photos of her show

Karine’s challenge
Karine’s challenge
Karine’s challenge
Karine’s challenge


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