Jérôme, responsible for after-sales service at itiwit

Interview with Jérôme, responsible for after-sales services for the stand-up paddleboard and canoe-kayak hybrid range.


Who are you?

"I’m the "oldest" in the team, I joined Decathlon 30 years ago in 1991 after my studies. I arrived at Hendaye after working in a store. I was passionate about windsurfing from the start and I discovered SUP right at the beginning (2010), and then loved surfing with it and paddling when there were no waves (fitness)"

What do you do at itiwit?

"I’m responsible for after-sales services and make spare parts available throughout the world as well as "do-it-yourself" repair processes for the benefit of customers and for the training of Decathlon workshop technicians"

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

"Paddling out to look for waves, moving from peak to peak, catching the waves earlier than the surfers. Using the paddle as a point of support, I can manage "sharper" turns than when I used a classic longboard surfboard."

Your fondest memories

"Paddleboard surfing with the Itiwit team on the waves of Hendaye, which can reach up to 100 m. On that day, thanks to our inflatable paddleboards, I was able to safely share numerous waves with my Itiwit colleagues."

Your favourite itiwit products

  • Jérôme, responsible for after-sales service at Itiwit

    Longboard stand-up paddleboard 10’ 140 l

  • your favourite itiwit products

    Stand-up paddle boarding paddle 900