Ivan at the 8 sup race events of the catalan surfing federation

Ivan describes his challenge to participate in the eight Stand up paddleboard races of the Catalan Surfing Federation

In 2021 this year, I took part in the Catalan Surfing Federation's 8-event sup race circuit.

My challenge was to compete in this 8 event circuit with my 14 foot Itiwit inflatable board.
I wanted to see to what extent I could compete against carbon boards while I was competing with my inflatable board. How far I could go with this board and myself.

In this 8-race circuit there are 3 distances of 3km, 6km, and 9km.
The first race took place in Girona at the Cala Cristus, a great place for sup-racing.
In this first race I had a go at the 3km, coming in 3rd, which is not too bad, but I know we can do better.

The second event took place in Empuria Brava. Due to the strong wind and bad conditions, the race was changed to the Muga River.
This time I entered the 6km race, in which I finished in 5th place. The field was strong and my rivals were riding flat water starboards that were difficult to keep up with in these conditions. Although disappointed, I was already focused on the next event in my hometown, Barcelona.

In this third event I signed up for the 6km, which consisted of a 3 lap circuit, where I was finally able to reach the podium with a 3rd place. I made it to where I wanted to be and I feel much stronger.

The next sup race was in Badalona where I also participated in the 6km. After a difficult race caused by the strong winds, I managed to secure 3rd place overall but this time I was at the end of my rope.

The next event was the Spanish Cup Sup Race. The podium will be very difficult to secure, but that doesn't scare me. I'm also entering the 6km, the same race in which the current Spanish champion is entered. It was a very tight race given the level of the competitors who came from all over the country. I think this was my best race so far. Despite several falls and mistakes, I was pleased to finish just short of the podium as I finished in 4th place, although I was disappointed by the slight difference of 20 seconds.

The next race was in the south of Catalonia. However, due to strong winds it was postponed. The rescheduled date will not enable me to participate.

The next event is 10km from Barcelona, in Masnou. Due to muscular problems, I decided to compete in the 3km race obtaining first place, after which my motivation became even stronger.

There was one last race left to go that was also in Badalona. I participated again in the 6km race and after a great start I found myself in 2nd place. A fall made me lose 2 places, but by rowing hard I managed to catch up and finish in 3rd place. I was really happy.

I achieved something really difficult, to be in the general standings with an inflatable board in so many events against rigid and carbon boards. It was something historic that has never happened before in Spain.

Many of the participants couldn't believe that an inflatable board could perform so well. Those behind me were even more surprised that they couldn't catch up with an inflatable board while riding carbon starboards. I am really pleased and satisfied to have succeeded in taking Itiwit to the highest level.

I only hope that 2022 will be the same or better than 2021!

The sup race events

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