Our new inflatable stand up paddle 12'6

Our team of enthusiasts designed this stand-up paddleboard for intermediate paddlers wanting to train and compete.


#1 A powerful inflatable stand up paddle !

The SUP 12'6 is designed for touring and racing on the water. It boasts excellent performance with its perfectly streamlined shape to let you go fast and far. Made with dropstitch material, it can be inflated to 17 psi for excellent stiffness, necessary for good glide and stability.

When deflated, it can be stored in a backpack and is easy to transport for regular training sessions or to access all practice locations.

#2 Technical advantages

STABILITY // Wide (26"), thick (6"), reinforced for optimal rigidity and stability
INFLATION // Inflates to 17 psi in 9 minutes

EASE OF TRANSPORT // Backpack carry bag, 5 handles, rear and front loading areas

COMPACT DESIGN // Bag containing the folded SUP, Height : 90 cm, Width : 44 cm, Thickness : 24 cm

GLIDE PERFORMANCE // Streamlined and elongated shape suitable for touring and racing

DURABILITY // Robust and tear-resistant glued dropstitch& PVC construction

USER COMFORT // Grooved foam deck for comfort and grip

EASY LEARNING // Placement markers on the SUP to help you progress

IMPACT PROTECTION // Directional anti-shock rail under the bow

INFLATED SUP // Length : 12'6 (381 cm), Width : 26" (66 cm), Thickness : 6" (15 cm), Volume : 270 litres, Weight : 11.7 kg


#3 Trek on water

Go touring on the water for several hours or even for the whole day.

Its streamlined shape will let you go further with less effort.

You will need to carry equipment and food.Thanks to its systems for attaching watertight bags at the front and back of the deck, you can carry everything you need and head out in complete autonomy.

The SUP is very durable thanks to its PVC-lined rails.


#4 Run on water

If you train and compete in races, opt for a smaller width to increase your speed.

The 26" is the fastest in the range (the official race sizes for stand up paddle boards are 12'6 and 14').

Its hydrodynamic shape helps you increase your speed.

Its centre and side handles let you get in and out of the water quickly.

The front directional rail and its wide fin help you stay on course and optimise paddling for better performance.

Its placement markers help you remember the best position at all speeds.

Discover the advantages of fitness on stand up paddle 

Sculting your body or toning it is possible with stand up paddle !