How to get started with packrafting

How to get started with packrafting

What is packrafting? How to get started In this article, we give you all the advice you need for your first trip on a river!

Have you always wanted to know what packrafting was? Do you want to take the plunge but don’t know where to start? In this article, we give you all the advice you need to get started with packrafting.
So, are you ready to get on board to take part in unforgettable mini adventures on a packraft?
To get started, here is a short video to get you in the mood!

How to get started with packrafting

Rivers are a hostile environment where there are many, often invisible dangers:
Before heading onto the water, contact a kayak professional (leisure centre, rafting centre, FFCK kayak club,etc.) located near the river to check the potential dangers and the possibility of sailing
Check your itinerary on the specialist sites and check the water level
Never go past a dam or a lock
Never get onto a river that is swollen (when the water level is higher than usual) or higher than class 2.
When on a rapid, it is essential to have the exit in sight. If not, get off your raft and walk through the rapid.
Never go rafting alone
Always let your group know the place and time of your start and end points.

How to get started with packrafting

Preparing your packrafting trip

1. Check the river conditions
As in all sports, there are rules to follow, and here are some of the particular rules concerning traffic on the rivers, which may vary from one region to another.
For example, some rivers may be closed for part of the year. Others have stretches where rafting is completely forbidden. That’s why it’s important to be informed before heading onto the water, and also to know the classification of the river you’re going to packraft down.

You can paddle down rivers of up to class 2 with the packraft 500. As the packraft is not decked, it will fill up with water when used in bigger waves, making rafting impossible and dangerous.

How to get started with packrafting

3. Raft safely
Before getting onto the water, don't forget your mandatory safety equipment: a buoyancy aid ISO 12402-5 vest, closed shoes and an EN 1484 helmet. Never go rafting alone, it is strongly recommended that you go in a group of three.

How to get started with packrafting

2. Check your raft
Like in all sports activities, it is recommended that you prepare your equipment properly. Here, we invite you to properly verify the state of your packraft before heading off on your adventure. We often fold up the packraft too quickly, trapping small objects that could damage the raft inside. The ideal practice is therefore to fold up your packraft when clean and dry (rinse with clean water) and keep it sheltered from sunlight!

How to get started with packrafting

What is packrafting?

A packraft is an inflatable, lightweight and compact river kayak. It’s lightweight build is its main advantage: ultra-compact design of 40 cm by 30 cm by 25 cm, weighing 3.8 kg (in total)
Its ultimate compact build therefore allows you to put it in your backpack when travelling up the river on foot, by bike, or any other means: create your own tailor-made adventure.
Enjoy the total release when descending the river with this lightweight and manoeuvrable craft, without forgetting your life vest and helmet

There you have it, you know everything you need to for getting started with packrafting, it’s up to you to take the plunge and enjoy it! Feel free to contact us if you still have questions.

How to get started with packrafting


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"I tried out the packraft on a trip with some friends. A short hike and then descending the river with the packraft 500, it was incredible. Don't wait any longer, have a go!"

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