Hoel, engineer at itiwit

An interview with Hoel, a Designer for the canoe-kayak hybrid family

Who are you?

"When you come from an island that is 25 km², your relationship with the sea is naturally strong! Lulled by the waves since I was a small child, sailing first made me love the sea, then I became passionate about all watersports. I’ve always had a kayak at home to explore the coasts. I arrived on the continent to study mechanical design engineering, then in sustainable product development. I had the opportunity to have my first professional experiences at OLAIAN, then TRIBORD before meeting the ITIWIT team to develop products and services that meet the needs of kayakers while preserving their environment."

What do you do at itiwit?

"I’m a product engineer for touring kayaks and boat accessories. As the eco-design manager, I help the team calculate the environmental impact of the products in order to make the best decisions."

What do you like about kayaking?

"Kayaking is a real means of transport for travelling and escaping on the water. It allows you to be close to the fauna and flora in a way that doesn’t have an equivalent, allowing us to glide along the coast and explore caves. It’s a boat that changes depending on your activity to allow us to surf the waves, paddle down rivers, be physically active and clear your head during a well-deserved break!"

Your fondest memories

"With ITIWIT, discovering the river to test packrafts to La Noguera in Spain!"

Your favourite itiwit products

  • Jérôme, responsible for after-sales service at Itiwit

    1-Person inflatable kayak x500

  • your favourite itiwit products

    Waterproof backpack