Camille’s first downriver trip in a packraft

Geoffrey takes the packraft 100 for a spin!

Geoffrey is a big fan of water sports. After testing the Packraft 500, he decided to take his friends on a hike to try out the brand new Packraft 100, which is lighter and even more accessible!

A few weeks back, Geoffrey, our supply manager, set off with some friends for a little hike in the Landes area of France. They got to the edge of a lake, unpacked their gear and hopped in the water aboard their Packraft 100 🌱.
We thought we would take the opportunity to ask him a few questions to find out more about his experience 😉

Your first impressions

"My first impressions of the packraft were how lightweight it is and the feeling of freedom that this kayak gives you.
With its ultra-compact design and its low weight, you can imagine taking it on all sorts of expeditions.
The small stream running at the end of the garden starts looking like an inviting playground and sparks your sense of adventure.
How many times have you gone for a hike with the aim of reaching a perfectly pristine high-altitude lake, without being able to see the adventure to completion?

Now you can hike, paddle across the lake and take the adventure even further!"

Camille’s first downriver trip in a packraft

Have you tried the 500? how is it different to this one?

"The differences are noticeable when you sit in each of the packrafts.
In the PR500, you really get the feeling of being one with the packraft, the seat is narrower to guide the kayak and you have knee braces that connect you to the boat for more responsive steering.
The spirit of the PR100 is different!"

Why choose this packraft over another?

"Lightness and sensitivity on the one hand, and a robust design on the other.

In the PR500 you soon want to go and take on small rapids and play in the current of the river.
The 100 instead makes you want to take the time to enjoy your surroundings and immerse yourself in nature."

Camille’s first downriver trip in a packraft

So are you planning any future trips with it? 😊

"I intend to use the Packraft 100 whenever the opportunity presents itself, I'll keep it in the boot of my car so that I can explore a new spot as soon as inspiration strikes."

Geoffrey takes the Packraft 100 for a spin

A closing word

"Packrafting is all about discovering the river differently with a focus on feeling free and connecting with nature!"