Camille, designer at itiwit

An interview with Camille, a Designer for the canoe-kayak hybrid family


Who are you?

"I’m a product designer and have been sporty since a very young age. I came to Decathlon through the sport I’m passionate about, swimming. In the water, I’m in my element. As there are many watersports, I have had the opportunity to discover many different sports, and this path led me to kayaking."

What do you do at itiwit?

"I’m a product designer for the kayak sets. I take part in the development of boats, paddles, bags, and other products necessary for the sport. Beyond product development, designers help define the experience of the sport; the colours, inspirations and also the services associated with it."

What do you like about kayaking?

"Being able to discover amazing places, on the water and off the beaten track. Time stops during kayak trips. What I like most about these two disciplines is their variety of activities. One day you can race on a racing kayak, the next you can paddle with friends, or spend a weekend exploring on a river, the possibilities are endless."

Your fondest memories

"The day Julie let me go first on a rapid while packrafting. It’s a mix of confidence, adventure and adrenaline which left me with a brilliant memory of the experience."

Your favourite itiwit products