Axel, engineer at itiwit

An interview with Axel, a field testing engineer at Itiwit for the stand-up paddleboard and canoe-kayak hybrid family.


Who are you?

"Since I was young, I’ve always been engaged in the world of sport. My first sport, and the one that has a large place in my life, is handball. I was trained over several years at the club in Nîmes, the USAM. After winning several championships, I decided to stick with playing for leisure and move away from competing.
When I was very young, I developed a passion for snow sports (skiing, snowboarding, skating, etc.) and I like varying my activities and regularly discovering new sports in this field.
I joined Decathlon when I finished my studies in Norway. I started there in 2019 as an engineer in digital simulations (ISN), prototype creator and 3D designer for the BOARDS process. Today, I’m part of the Tech’Off team, having taken on several roles as IE, IET and ISN for Itiwit, Caperlan and BoardsTech."

What do you do at itiwit?

"I am a Field Testing engineer, which allows data to be collected directly from surfers. By being close to our users and by understanding the usage, we can reconsider our design plans in a more relevant manner. My main goal is working on the durability of our key products (SUP X100 and Kayak Itiwit+).
I am also an engineer in Digital Simulations. In short, I digitally model the behaviour of our boats in their natural environment in order to dimension the reinforcement surfaces to be applied to reach the desired level of rigidity."

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking?

"I like SUP and kayaking because of the variety of landscapes they allow us to discover and the number of different activities that coexist within the same type of sport.
For both kayaking or SUP, the learning curve is interesting, the basics are obtained quickly, but to achieve more ambitious objectives, it is necessary to put an effort into developing your body’s muscular endurance, which, like balance, is required for the sport. "

Your fondest memories

"Without question, my favourite memory is kayaking down the Ardèche gorges with friends. It’s not the most sporty, but definitely the most memorable because of the unique moments we shared. A learning experience for some and a crazy challenge for others, all while having a good laugh."

Your favourite itiwit product

  • buoyancy aid belt

    Inflatable packraft 500

  • your favourite itiwit product

    Stand-up paddleboard