Ariane, a designer at itiwit

An interview with Ariane, a Product designer for the stand-up paddleboard family


Who are you?

"Enthusiastic about water in all its forms: A swimmer from a very young age, I then discovered SUP and kayaking in the Canadian lakes where I grew up. Originally from Brittany, I have a fondness for the sea and beach sports like beach volleyball. I joined Decathlon Hendaye this year with great delight and an exciting project: to allow wellness and sport to coexist through a creative prism."

What do you do at itiwit?

"I am a product designer for the wellness range for Stand-up paddleboards, of which the aim is to create different well-being activities on the water, like yoga and meditation. The kit equipment includes boards, paddles, bag and accessories."

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

"The meditative aspect of being able to float on the water and going beyond the physical limits of the body and nature."

Your fondest memories

"A great stand-up paddleboarding trip in Brittany where I rediscovered a coastline that I thought I knew by heart under a new and completely magical angle.
My SUP outings with friends in Quebec, in a lake to relax and share good memories on the water."

Your favourite itiwit product

  • buoyancy aid belt

    Beginner touring inflatable stand-up paddleboard 10 foot - green