Adrien, engineer at itiwit

An interview with Adrien, an engineer for the stand-up paddleboard family


Who are you?

"The team’s Breton.
It is my job to always ensure a good balance in the team :).
I grew up in Finistère, close to the sea, where I regularly enjoyed doing lots of watersports.
I love ball sports, in particular basketball and volleyball.
After some years spent in Nantes, where I completed my studies, I had my first experience as an Airbus engineer and joined Decathlon via expatriation in China. There, I was a method engineer on the composite process.
In 2015, I returned to France to be immersed in the Itiwit adventure."

What do you do at itiwit?

"After 3 years as a product engineer for paddles and pumps, I am now a product engineer for inflatable touring stand-up paddleboards."

What do you like about stand-up paddleboarding?

"The tranquillity, disconnecting, changing my perspective. Exploring the coastlines that are not accessible by foot "

Your fondest memories

"The whole 350 km of the Dordogne race in a two-seater with Julie = the best sporting challenge.
The annual mission test as a team is a chance to test out new products and create good memories with our colleagues and friends."

Your favourite itiwit products

  • Jérôme, responsible for after-sales service at Itiwit

    Compact stand-up paddle board

  • your favourite itiwit products

    Quick and easy-to-use pump