Discover the new inflatable kayak green 2 man

Our team of enthusiasts has developed this inflatable touring kayak for solo or tandem beginner kayakers for half-day trips.


#1 The ideal inflatable kayak for an introduction to touring on the water for one or two paddlers!

Discover the magic of kayaking and touring on the water, for a change of perspective.

The bulky size and weight of the kayak are often an obstacle in getting started! That's why the ITIWIT design team has developed an inflatable kayak that's easy, lightweight, stable and compact, because once deflated, it fits in a backpack! Inflated to 1.5 PSI, the kayak is very rigid to ensure good glide and excellent stability when used by one or two persons.

The kayak is designed for occasional touring, for one or two persons in calm waters less than 300 metres from shelter.


Technical advantages

- KAYAK STABILITY // Side tubes and a wide inflatable floor for good stability (Length: 340 cm - Width: 103 cm)

- GLIDE PERFORMANCE // The specially designed bow shape gives the kayak a good glide performance with a set of 3 keels

- INFLATION // Inflate the kayak to 1.5 PSI in approximately 7 minutes with a double action hand pump

- COMPACT DESIGN // Dimensions folded in the bag : Height: 67 cm - Width: 44 cm - Thickness: 30 cm (Contents : kayak, bag, repair kit, keel)

- USER COMFORT // Raised seat for comfort when at rest and when paddling. For 1 to 2 persons, up to a maximum of 150 kg (331 lbs)


#2 An inflatable kayak

It takes approximately 7 minutes to inflate the kayak using the Itiwit pump.

#3 How to inflate and store your kayak itiwit 

We give you all tips to inflate and store each kayak.


#4 Easily transportable kayak

Compact and easy to store in your boot so you can take it with you wherever you go.

#5 Choose your inflatable kayak

The choice of your itiwit inflatable kayak is made according to the number of seats you want.

this choice is recommended for optimal stability and safety for use by beginners.