X500 high pressure Dropstitch inflatable canoe 4 places (2 adults + 2 children)

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A solid inflatable canoe kayak with high-pressure Dropstitch floor, with 4 raised seats (2 adults and 2 children) for good paddling comfort.A good compromise between stability and performance.
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User benefits

Wide floor for good stability.
Easy assembly / dismantling
Inflate in 8 minutes using a double-action hand pump to 10 PSI (0.1 bar)
Glide performance
The V-shaped hull limits friction on the water.
2 storage areas to transport up to 250 kg, you included:)
Easy transport
Easy to transport thanks to its trolley bag.
Sitting comfort
2 wooden seats with foam for greater comfort when kayaking.
Reinforcements in the areas exposed to friction, leaving you free to paddle.
Quick drying
The canoe is waterproof.Simply dry it with a towel.

Technical card

Main fabric : 100.0% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free Inner fabric : 100.0% Polyester Structure : 100.0% Wood
Approved by
Standard ISO 6185-1:corresponds to the international inflatable canoe and kayak standard.
Availability of spare parts essential to the use of the product:2 years
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Storage advice
Dry, deflate, fold up.Store your kayak in its bag in a cool, dry place.
Use restriction
Use the product in class II rivers (maximum)


Technical dimensions and weights.
"When the canoe is inflated: > length:510 cm (16.7 feet) > width:100 cm (3.3 feet) When stored in its bag: > height:100 cm > width:45 cm > thickness:38 cm > full weight:32 kg (70 lbs)
""Dropstitch"" is a material.Two layers of PVC are connected by thousands of nylon threads.When inflated to high pressure, these threads tighten and create a rigid volume, which prevents the canoe from loosing its shape. This is what makes our inflatable canoe extremely rigid but easy to store in a trolley bag once deflated.
How to inflate and mount the canoe?
1.1. Inflate the main chamber (floor), then the intermediate chambers (walls), followed by the small chamber (central seat).All the volumes are inflated to 10 PSI max (0.7 bar). 2.You can position the seats (front and rear) using the straps located under the walls. We recommend the HP Itiwit twin-action hand pump (8387655).
How to disassemble and deflate the canoe?
1.Make sure that the surface on which you intend to fold the canoe is clean 2.Deflate the central seat by pressing on the valve piston. 3.Deflate the bottom and the side bladders by pressing the piston on each valve. 4.Fold the rest of the canoe in half lengthwise. 5.Fold the keel on itself to reduce the width of the canoe. 6.Make the first fold at the level of marking no. 1 7.Roll the canoe following the different markings visible on the hull
What if the kayak is pierced?
It would take something sharp to make that happen.If so, the canoe is composed of 4 independent "air chambers".The canoe floats enough to make it back to the shore safely.
What does the Kayak bag contain?
The kit includes: - the trolley bag - canoe + inflatable seat for children. - 2 wooden seats - a tightening strap - a repair kit
Repair and after-sales service
In the event of loss or breakage, the following parts are available from After-Sales service, on the internet or in stores, during the 10 years following the purchase of your canoe: front seat 8596029, rear seat 8596030, inflation valves 8552219, repair kit 8545487, tightening strap 8517756.
Suggestions for use.
We recommend that you practice with a buoyancy vest.

Users reviews

5 / 5 1 rating
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    15 February 2021
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    une évolution est elle prévue?

    une déclinaison de ce modèle en 2 places est elle prévue?

    Brand's answer :

    Bonjour Jules,

    Pour le moment ce n'est pas le cas. Quel est votre besoin? En quoi le Canoe X500 n'y répond pas?

    Ce Canoe est une embarcation pour 2 personnes qui souhaitent naviguer chargées ou non ou encore une famille qui souhaitent partir avec deux enfants, il offre donc une certaine modularité dans les expériences. A ce jour il est souvent utilisés dans les deux premiers cas.

    Je reste à votre écoute pour tout retour d'expérience complémentaire.


    Olivier, Chef de produit Canoe-Kayak