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Enjoy sharing great experiences on the water with family or friends on this two-person SUP. The generous size of the board makes it ultra-stable with very good glide.
Users reviews
4.45 / 5 20 ratings

User benefits

Wide (35"), thick (6"), reinforced for stiffness and optimal stability
Glide performance
Carefully designed shape for maximum glide.
Reinforced Dropstitch construction: stiffness, strength and abrasion resistance
Compact design
Dimensions folded in the bag (100 x 42 x 25cm). Inflates to 17 PSI in 10 minutes
Easy transport
15 kg. Backpack carry bag, 2 ergonomic handles and 2 loading areas
User comfort
Thermocompressed EVA foam deck for comfort and grip on the water.
Ease of learning
Placement markers on the SUP to correctly & comfortably position the 2 paddlers.

Technical card

Board : 60.0% Polyvinyl Chloride, Board : 40.0% Polyester Foam : 75.0% Polyethylene, Foam : 25.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Packaging : 100.0% Polyester
Availability of spare parts essential to the use of the product: 2 years
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Storage advice
Store deflated, flat and out of sunlight, after first removing the fin and leash. If storing inflated, release some of the pressure and store in a flat position without any load
Use restriction
It is forbidden to paddle at night or >300 metres from shelter


Inflating & deflating the Stand Up Paddle
INFLATION To inflate your SUP, check that the valve is in the raised position (closed), so that air does not escape. Connect the pump. Inflate to 17 PSI. The more inflated the SUP, the more stable it is and the better its movement. Disconnect the pump and close the outer plug. DEFLATION To deflate your SUP, push the valve in firmly, the air will escape. Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valve to remove all the air for tight folding.
Fin and fin base
Available through customer service and online in the event of breakage or loss. SUP fin reference: 8403374 Remember to remove the fin once you are out of the water. If possible, rinse the fin base before and after use. Start folding up from the fin base, following the dotted lines to avoid damaging the base.
Recommended user weight Maximum load
For optimal use of the product, the maximum recommended weight with 2 people is 200 kg. The maximum load of the tandem is 430 kg.
Maintenance tool
NEVER UNSCREW THE VALVE WHEN THE SUP IS INFLATED! RISK OF INJURY. If the valve leaks, once the SUP is deflated, close it a quarter turn using the tool provided. If necessary, it is possible to change the valve, please consult the workshop of your Decathlon store.
Technical dimensions
INFLATED SUP: Length: 15' (457 cm) Width: 35" (89 cm) Thickness: 6" (15 cm) Volume: 449 litres Weight: 15 kg (+/- 10%) BAG CONTAINING THE FOLDED SUP: Height: 100 cm Width: 42 cm Thickness: 25 cm
In the event of a hole in the structure, it is possible to repair the SUP with the cuttable repair patches and a high-pressure resistant MEK glue. We have a stand-up paddle board repair kit, reference 8512384.
Bag contents
Board Fin Leash (x1) User guide Repair patch Valve tightening tool (use only with the SUP deflated)

Users reviews

4.45 / 5 20 ratings
18 users recommended this product

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  • Man
    17 November 2020
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Itiwit tandem

    The board has a lighter construction than I’m used to with other inflatables I have but doesn’t seem to influence anything other than making it easier to fold and carry! Once inflated to 17psi (5mins ish with a red Titan)it has a small amount of deflection underfoot, more than I’m used to with my solo race inflatable with battens, but is otherwise surprisingly stiff bearing in mind it’s relatively modest deck to bottom thickness. I was worried about the 35” width making it cumbersome to handle but it doesn’t and it provides a super stable platform for 2. It was my wife’s first time on a sup ever and we managed to stay dry despite her balance not being great. It tracks well and turned quickly once my wife mastered a cross bow turn at the front with me paddling opposite side on the rear. It’s long enough to enable easy paddle side swap for the person at the back without hitting the front person. The quality seems good, the fittings/bungee/webbing features work really well for stowing big stuff or bits and bobs. I even like the colourway. All in all I think it’s a very good value board that provides a relatively low cost route into the tandem sup world. It was a last minute purchase decision made to capitalise on my wife’s interest so I didn’t want to spend a fortune in case she hated it! She didn’t and I don’t think a more expensive option would, anyway, provide any better solution for what we need. I’ve also paddled it solo and find it surprisingly fast! The only slight negative I can think of is the unusual (to me..) fin box arrangement and, arguably, slightly flimsy looking fin. However, It doesn’t influence anything in terms of how we use the board and spares look cheap!

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    08 September 2020
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Good and solid fun

    I bought this one as I'm quite a unit. Six foot three and I used to play rugby. So the scale offers a great deal of stability you can almost socially distance on the board itself. But also wanted the versatility of my daughters being able to share the board. I have to say I'm loving it so far. Have used it both on lakes and small rivers and now the seas off the wonderful British coast line which is not always known for being the calmest. But its great. Despite its size it picks up a good speed and is pretty manaoerverable. Lots of nice features for storage. The bungies are dead handy for putting your paddles in securely when you've fallen off.

  • Man
    10 November 2020
    Use since 3 to 6 months
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    Für 2 Personen und Gepäck optimal, wir sind sehr zufrieden