Strenfit X500 High-Pressure Drop Stitch Inflatable 1-Seat Kayak

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A rigid kayak that fits in a backpack? How? We invented it! High-performing, lightweight, rigid and easy to inflate, the Strenfit Kayak takes you where you want to go year-round!
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4.13 / 5 24 ratings

User benefits

2 cleverly placed cargo areas to transport up to 125 kg, you included :)
Easy assembly / dismantling
Inflates in 3 minutes to 10 PSI (0.7 bar) using a double-action hand pump.
Glide performance
Incredible sensations! V-shaped hull reduces friction on the water.
Sitting comfort
Very dense foam seat is perfect for all day excursions.
Anatomic design
Adjust the foot rests to your size in the cockpit area whenever you want.
The coaming lets you use your spray deck so that you can paddle in all seasons
Reinforcements in the areas exposed to friction, leaving you free to paddle.
Quick drying
Watertight kayak. Use a towel to dry it.

Technical card

Main fabric : 95.0% Polyéthylène (PE), Main fabric : 5.0% Polyester (PES)
Approved by
Standard ISO 6185-1: corresponds to the international inflatable kayak standard.
"Our kayak is tested and approved by our internal and external ambassadors. Some examples? Nicolas travelled the Dordogne with this kayak: 131 KM in 1 day François travelled the length of the Danube from Ulm in Germany to Sulina, Romania on the Black Sea: 2 600 km! Find their stories and our videos on our site dedicated to all things kayak: Check out our itiwit website.
Designed for
Intermediate kayakers touring for the day on lakes, calm rivers or in calm seas. Approved for sea touring beyond 300 m.
2 years
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Storage advice
Dry, deflate, fold up. Store your kayak in its bag in a cool, dry place.
Use restriction
Designed for one person up to 1 meter 90.


What dimensions? What weight?
"When the kayak is inflated: > length: 380 cm Width: 64 cm When stowed in its bag: > height: 94 cm Width: 50 cm > thickness: 27 cm > total weight: 18 kg (16 kayak Dimensions of the bag) + 2 hatch storage: 60 cm
An invention and a patent pending!
Where to go? Designing our dream kayak: a high-performing inflatable kayak you can take everywhere in its backpack, which means: freedom! To get there, it took 30 months of research and development and 7 prototypes - which we like to call the "monsters". The main challenge: bringing rigidity and high-performance to an inflatable kayak. Which is why we patented the cut shape and the unique blend of materials we used.
Why a rigid inflatable kayak?
"We listened to kayakers: "I'm a good kayaker and I want an inflatable kayak that performs like a hardshell." "I want to use public transport to go kayaking." "Inflatable kayaks are cool but I want a kayak that moves!" So we had to make a high-performing kayak that was easily transportable. Innovation was the only option.
Marc Roget, naval architect, tells us about his DECATHLON adventure:
"I came in to define the overall geometry and balance of the kayak. When Itiwit called me, I was surprised but very interested. I love kayaking, so we had that in common. We were able to build on our respective knowledge. It's an amazing experience!"
Why name it "Kayak X500 DropStitch"?
"The "dropstitch" is a material. Two layers of PVC are connected by thousands of polyester strands. During high-pressure inflation, these strands stretch and create a rigid chamber, preventing the kayak from distorting. Which is what makes our inflatable kayak extremely rigid but easy to stow in a backpack once deflated."
How was the design crafted?
True teamwork between the engineer, the architect and the product manager. Emmanuelle designed the product according to the technical constraints. Talk about functional design. The dark grey corresponds to paddling zone, the light grey to the cargo area and orange to visibility needs.
How to inflate and set up the kayak?
"1. Inflate the main chamber (floor), then the medium chambers (walls), followed by the small chambers (arches). All chambers are inflated to 10 PSI (0.7 bar) max. 2. You can insert the footholds into the soft slots, push them into the kayak, and adjust to the right length for your legs with the buckle. 3. Slot the seat into the provided holds. 4. Position the back rest under the coaming. We recommend the HP Itiwit (8387655) double-action hand pump, not included."
How to disassemble and deflate the kayak?
"Check out how easy it is! 1. Make sure the folding surface is clean. 2. Take out the seat. 3. Take out the foot rests. 4. Deflate the kayak by removing the plug and pressing the valve. (leave the valve in the open position so that air escapes when folding) 5. Tuck in the hatch and start folding lengthways."
How to fold it for stowing in the bag?
"1. We recommend you place the deck canvas on the inside of the fold. 2. Fold the keel along its entire length. This fold ensures that the width of the kayak is the same as that of the bag. 3. Fold each end towards the inside of the kayak and line up the ends with the Itiwit logo. 4. Slot the seat in the last fold of the kayak and finish expelling air from the kayak by pressing on it. 5. Finishing step: strap down the kayak (tight strapping will make it easier to store in the bag)."
What if the kayak is punctured?
"It would take something sharp to make that happen. If so, the kayak is composed of 5 independent "air chambers". 1 or 2 of punctures? The kayak floats enough to make it back to the shore safely. To preserve the life expectancy of your kayak, we advise you to avoid contact with oyster shells and sharp reefs."
The team has a few tips for your comfort.
"Olivier manages stock at Itiwit. Like the rest of the team, he's passionate about kayaking. His advice: "To get the most out of it, take the time to sit and get your balance, and adjust the foot rests. Once you're well installed, you can set off." Nico is product engineer, and he likes to set off with dry clothing in a small watertight bag. "You can store it in the nose of the kayak for easy access."
What's in the kayak bag?
The set includes: - the backpack - the kayak - the seat - the foot rests - a repair kit It does not include a skirt. The kayak is compatible with Itiwit skirt code: 8543915."

Users reviews

4.13 / 5 24 ratings
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  • Man
    40-49 years old
    18 April 2019
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Sehr gut aber.....

    Ich hatte mir das x500 geholt weil es mir auf Anhieb sehr gut gefallen hat. Der Erste Aufbau dauerte gerade mal 10 Minuten. Die Verarbeitung macht einen sehr guten Eindruck .
    Das Kajak ist sehr Stabil und geräumig, aber dennoch sehr leicht . Auch etwas stabiler gebaute Personen kommen leicht in das Kajak hinein und wieder raus .
    Bis hierher war alles perfekt !
    Nur eine Sache muss man wissen, es ist sehr kippelig im Wasser ... das ist nix für blutige Anfänger !! Ich habe 3 Runden in ganz ruhigem Wasser versucht , aber ich bekomme es nicht ruhig .. schlussendlich hat’s mich dann in die Ruhr geworfen...

    Schweren Herzens habe ich das Kajak daher wieder zurückgegeben!

    Wer also erfahrener Kajak Fahrer ist sollte sich dieses Kajak definitiv mal näher anschauen... mein Kollege ( erfahrener Kajakfahrer ) war hellauf begeistert .

    Ich habe mir jetzt das X100 gekauft ... ich weiß Vergleich von Äpfeln und Birnen... aber ich werde damit als Anfänger vorerst glücklicher ....

  • 13 March 2019
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version

    Optisch gut, sehr schnell aufblasbar und stabil. Leider noch nicht im Wasser getestet. Ausführlicher Praxistest folgt.

  • Man
    40-49 years old
    27 December 2018
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Klasse Konzept

    Lieferung war flott - trotz Weihnachtszeit!
    Kajak fix aufgebaut und begutachtet - insbesondere hat mich auch das vorhandene Stauvolumen Interressiert. Mit Nutzung des Oberdecks ist eine 2-3 Tagestour problemlos möglich, wenn man das entsprechende , kleinvolumige Equipment hat.
    Leider verliert der Boden bei dem mir zugesandten Boot, ohne das ich es bislang auf dem Wasser genutzt habe, Luft (sehr langsam - aber über Nacht gelagert ist am nächsten Morgen der Druck raus) - hab's zum Tausch zurück gesendet und warte nun auf ein neues, hoffentlich mängelfreies...dann ein Top Produkt!