Stand-Up Paddle Double-Action High-Pressure Hand Pump 20 psi - Orange

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Product plus point
The double-action high-pressure pump is designed to easily inflate SUPs to pressures of up to 20 PSI.
Users reviews
3.77 / 5 774 ratings

User benefits

Ease of use
Two progressive modes of operation: 1/ high volume 2/ high pressure
Robust structure for high pressure. Wide handles.
Parameter measurement
Built-in 3-20 psi pressure gauge. Starts working once the SUP takes shape (3psi)
Heavy-duty hose with rotating head to prevent it disconnecting during inflation.

Technical card

Handle : 100.0% Polypropylene Frame : 100.0% Polypropylene Tube/Valve connector : 100.0% Polyethylene Air chamber : 100.0% Aluminium
Availability of spare parts essential to the use of the product: 2 years


Storage advice
Unscrew the hose, roll it up on itself without folding it. Store it flat with the pump.
Use restriction
Observe the SUP inflation indications.


SUP inflation tips
1/ stand on flat and solid ground 2/ screw the hose onto the pump 3/ connect the hose to the SUP (valve raised) 4/ close the cap of the pump body, its double action operation delivers 3.6 L with each up and down stroke 5/ inflate the SUP until it reaches its full volume 6/ as soon as pumping becomes difficult, open the cap, the pump then operates in single action (1.8 L with each down stroke) 7/ inflate to the SUP's recommended pressure.
Storage tips
Roll up the hose, do not fold it Store the pump body and hose flat in the SUP bag. Do not stand on the pump or the hose. Clean off any sand, it can damage the seals.
Technical dimensions
Height: 61.5 cm Width: 27.8 cm Depth: 10 cm Hose length: approx. 120 cm 70 mm diameter piston for easy high-volume inflation but high-pressure inflation takes a bit more effort. Pump weight: 1.4 kg

Users reviews

3.77 / 5 774 ratings
559 users recommended this product

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  • Man
    50-59 years old
    04 August 2020
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Gauge doesnt work

    Very disappointed with the pump as the gauge doesnt work

  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    13 July 2020
    Use since 7 to 12 months
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Tube unscrews from main body of pump during use

    Ok, it does what it’s supposed to and it does inflate my SUP. It’s hard work, especially towards the end. The biggest issue is that once the SUP gets to a higher pressure around 7-15psi the tube unscrews from the body of the pump and I have to continually screw it back on again. Very annoying, especially since when this happens air escapes and it takes even longer to inflate!
    I have used this for almost a year, and initially I didn’t think too much of it. But this problem is worsening over time.
    Some advice would be welcomed Decathlon.

  • Woman
    30-39 years old
    03 June 2020
    Use since 1 week or less
    That review has been deposited on this product version
    Gauge trouble

    ***HELP*** The gauge will not rise. I read that you need to pump and once the SUP forms shape, the gauge will work. The board was solid and the gauge still didnt rise. Im worried i will over inflate and damage the new SUP.